Which Popes were Martyred?


I recall seeing a list of all the Popes, and in the list it showed which ones were martyred. I was reading the other day and someone claimed the first 30 popes were martyred, and I thought the number was around 15 or so.

Does anyone know where I can find the list?




This article on Pope Urban I might help get you started. :slight_smile:


Found it - **

Our Lord’s Church began with twelve bishops eleven of whom were faithful and all eleven of whom were martyrs. The first thirty-one popes were martyrs but we were never told how *many ***members of the Church Our Lord will be with to the consummation of the world. In England the only loyal successor to the Apostles, John Fisher, remained true to the Faith and a month before Thomas, was executed by royal command, who likewise was executed and his head put on a spike on London Bridge.



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