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Hiya, I have three prayer books with different prayers in each, however some of them don’t give any indication of when to say the prayers (I mean situation wise, e.g morning/night, prayers for the dead). Does this mean I can use any of the other prayers at any time? I just feel a bit lost and don’t want to start randomly selecting. Are there certain times that you should pray to Mary/Saints? You get the idea. I’ve just started to properly rediscover my faith outside of mass and want to do the best job that I can. Any advice or websites I can look at please? thanks, ash

p.s. I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong forum :blush:


Hi Ash. Welcome to CAF! I would tend to think that the prayers in your books, which seem “generic” (that is, those which do not specify a certain time of day or devotion… etc.) would be ok to say… at any time.

The Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy would both fall under that catagory.

However, there are prayers which are said at certain times. For example, the Angelus… which is often prayed at noon. Also, prayers during certain Feast Days. And of course, specific “Chaplets”… which are said, in honor of Our Lord… Our Lady… the Holy Spirit… or any of the Saints. The Chaplet of St. Michael is a beautiful one.

This link might be of interest to you. God bless.


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