Which Ramses in the Exodus?


Which Ramses is the one we find in the Exodus?


Exodus doesn’t say it is Ramses, or even say which Pharaoh it was. No one really knows.



Depends on which version of Exodus you’re “reading”:



I did not know Ezra was the name of a pharaoh.
My dog’s name is Ezra.

We call him Ezra, Ezzie, Ra-ra or creamsickle because he is orange and white So where does Ezra fit into the list of pharaohs?


Um, that’s not what the Wikipedia article says.


None. The OT does not mention Ramses at all.


What’s wrong?


The weird "parser"stuff in your wikipedia post.


Yeah, huh, that’s odd… Somebody needs to clean that up :nerd_face:


The Hebrew word for “help” is “azar”. It turns up in names like Eleazar, which means “God has helped,” and in other names of the same kind: Azariah, Ezra, and Joazar. Was there really a pharaoh called Ezra? It’s news to me.

Please give your friend Ezra a pat on the head from me, with my kind regards. I’ve never met a dog called Ezra, though we once had a poodle named Chai, which is Hebrew for “life.” Chai’s former owner was a Jewish friend who gave him that name.


God has helped by sending me this beautiful little dog. I am not sure why his name is Ezra because he had that name when I adopted him. It suits him, though.


Some historians believe it was Thutmose II then Thutmose III. But there is no proof.


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