Which readings today?

I attended an indult Mass early today. The non-celebrating priest presented an excellent sermon.
Later in the day, I provided transportation for a Spanish-speaking family to a N.O. Mass in that language. No experimentation or innovations (except they are wreckovating the church).
However, the readings for the 5th Sunday in Lent were different. The missalette in the pews showed the readings for the Annunciation to be read today, and the 5th Sunday readings transferred to Monday. Neither of those printed were the same as the TLM readings.
I asked the N.O. celebrant and he said he had followed the current cycle in the altar missal, and was at loss concerning the material in the pews.
How much flexibility is there? Or might this be something unique to a diocese, similar to observing St. Patrick’s Day, a diocesan or parish patronal day?

I don’t know if there was a mistake, or if there were some kind of special circumstances, but these are the reading for today, according the USCCB. These are what were read at Mass at my parish this morning.

I did some further searching, and found an Episcopal lectionary that indicates the Annunciation has been transferred from March 26 (tomorrow) to March 25 (today). Maybe the parish you attended has Episcopalian missalettes (if there is such a thing)? Or maybe you were in a diocese where the Annunciation has been transferred to today? Here are the readings I found for the Annunciation.

I just realized I may have gotten the bolded part backwards. On closer reading, it looks as though the Feast has been transferred from today to tomorrow. Maybe the parish you attended was using an old Missalette?

The cycle is different: in the Traditional calendar Sunday marked the beginning of Passiontide and was Passion Sunday (I). In the NO, it is just the 5th Sunday of Lent although it is delineated slightly in the Liturgy of the Hours, no special title is applied to it.

I don’t think that it could happen, even if the diocese elevated the Annunciation. It already has the highest rank in the Universal Calendar (Solemnity) and Sundays of Lent always take precedence over Solemnities.

One difference may be that they were following the readings for the RCIA Rite of Scrutinies (today was the 3rd of 4 Sundays dedicated to the Scrutinies).

For example, we are in cycle “C”, but at 11:30 Mass in our parish, which we have been reading from cycle “A”, which are from St John’s Gospel, and are reserved to be read every year for the Scrutinies.


[quote=CathMass]I am just wondering, I was looking at my traditional liturgical calendar and I noticed the Annuciation was not moved to today as it is in the new rite. If this feast moved according to the 1962 liturgical calendar or not?

No, it cannot override Passion Sunday either pre or post 1960 rubrics.

In the 1962 liturgical calendar, Passion Sunday I is a Sunday of the I Class on which no feast can occur, and for which I Class feasts must be transferred. The only time in the 1962 liturgical calendar when a I Class Sunday can be replaced by a feast is with the Immaculate Conception occuring in Advent.

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