Which religion, in your opinion, will have more followers 50 years from now and why?


Hello everyone, I am in the process of conducting research for a research paper for my Survey of Word religions course. I am conducting a survey as part of my research. Will you please assist me by answering the following question? I only need 5 responses, I really appreciate your input! :stuck_out_tongue:

Which religion, in your opinion, will have more followers 50 years from now and why?

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Rosemarie Rosete


Probably Islam, because it has a simple message that appeals to many, plus they are having more babies than other world religions, especially Christianity.

You did not ask if that will be a good thing or a bad thing and why, but you might want to consider including that question in your survey. :wink:


I must reluctantly agree with Della. I say reluctantly because the radical element within Islam is dangerous.


I agree with Della too. Islam’s message is understandable to a baby with understanding, which draws more and more people to it, no one is going to follow confusing literature or ways of practice. Islam also believes in multipling by dawa and reproduction.

As the BIble says: BE FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY.

To ask what will be the most practice way of life? I’d say Atheism.


Judaism will have more followers in 50 years. It can’t have much less!


Clearly the Muslim religion hands down. They seem to not only have a better message than Christianity they also have a better record breeding.

I believe you are presently seeing a sea change in culture and religion worldwide. The Muslims will without a doubt hold sway over not only Western Europe but hold the United States hostage until she capitulates to her demands. We here in the west are too busy involved with our game shows and self absorbing life styles to even worry about something we know nothing about. Let us snooze through our demise so that we dont become too concerned with the future of our country.


I was going to respond, but I guess you got 5 responses already.

Well what the heck. Sadly I would say Islam. They breed like crazy. I think secularism/materialism tends to spread more efficiently in the world today, but since it teaches to have as few children as possible that may not be relevant.




That will be the case if people here remain as apathetic and ignorant as they are right now. Wasn’t it kind of the same way with communism when the Fatima apparitions took place? We were at such a crucial time in the world’s history then. That’s why Our Lady told people to pray without ceasing for Russia’s consecration and the downfall of communism. The response to those warnings was far from ideal and many more had to suffer, but at least communism did not spread nearly as much as it could have. I’m surprised she doesn’t make a similar appearance just for this because it seems like the same type of thing but worse.


In my opinion, with God behind us, the Catholic Church will have more followers in 50 years.

I predict a massive war, the tension is already rising.

Overthrow of Islamic governments in the middle East.

Religous liberty slowing becoming more common amongst the Islamic nations, and God’s Church spreading through it.

We are coming to the point now where “Western” muslims can look at their faith and question it.

And I think we will see less and less young muslims holding onto their faith. Though we will have the extremists.

Thats my opinion. :slight_smile:


Aww, c’mon! So can we! We can take 'em! :smiley:


Overthrow of Islamic governments in the middle East.

There’s only one Islamic government in the Middle East. It is Iran, and it won’t be overthrown anytime soon. Not even close.

There are numerous secular governments that are in serious danger of being overthrown by Islamic organizations, though. Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt are examples.

Religous liberty slowing becoming more common amongst the Islamic nations, and God’s Church spreading through it.

Christianity is shrinking in the Islamic world. More and more people are joining Islamic political parties. Look at the polls…if there were an Arabian wide vote today, Muslim religious leaders would be the overwhelming winners. There is not a single secular leader who would stand in a democracy.

And I think we will see less and less young muslims holding onto their faith. Though we will have the extremists.

If you think the middle east is getting less religious, you have some surprises coming in the news.


Hey, its just my (hopeful) opinion.

And you crucially didn’t quote me as saying there would be a massive war, which is integral to my opinion.

Peace and God Bless.


I left that out because it’s obvious that a massive war is not going to discredit Islam. If anything, it will make it stronger the same way the holocaust reignited Jewish religiosity.


Baptists will take over the world.


Unfortuantely it will depend on how World War Three ends.


It depends on one’s assumptions about the future.

If European socialism finally falls apart, and when Middle East oil is significantly replaced by something else, we would see the birth rates of both change significantly. People have higher birth rates when they are forced to rely on their own families, rather than on someone else’s family, in disability and old age. Socialism rewards sterility and mightily discourages fertility. One has to remember that Europe’s population growth rate was once much higher than that of the Islamic lands.

Finally, the way things are going now, it is almost impossible to picture there being no ABC war in the Middle East in the next 50 years.

In the “pagan” areas of the world, which contain more people than either the Christian or Muslim lands, (e.g., virtually all of China and most of India, Japan) Islam is profoundly distrusted and disliked, and, to whatever extent conversions occur in those places, Christianity has a better, though not a perfect, shot.

Since I believe confiscatory generational transfer payments will ultimately have to be abandoned in Europe and the Americas, and since oil production will eventually decline, I vote for Christianity’s chances.


If by force, the muslims.
If by fear, the fundies.



LOL:rotfl: :rotfl: That’s ok Jesus will win out in the end:D


The religion with the most followers today is Catholicism, and I don’t see it losing any ground. Five years ago, our total population was 1.06 billion, and today it is 1.2 billion - a net gain of 194 million people in five years, or nearly 39 million converts and new-borns a year. If we continue to grow at that rate, in 50 years’ time, we will have a population of nearly 4 billion Catholics - and that’s if we don’t do things any differently than we do today. The Vatican is actively working on a project known as “the New Evangelization” and with the work being done on this project (which includes improvements in the RCIA conversion process, making it easier and more attractive for people to become faithful knowledgeable missionary Catholics), expect those numbers to be higher.

Other Christian religions account for about 65 million people at present, and they, too, are growing - they, too, are developing strong, attractive evangelism, with “Seeker Sundays” and other opportunities for non-Christians to “come and see.”

I also expect a lot of non-Catholic groups to become reunited with Rome over that period of time - it is inevitable, since they are already looking at Catholic customs like auricular Confession, frequent Holy Communion, and convert training, for ideas to implement in their own churches. Eventually, they are going to come up against the reality that what they really want is to go the whole way.

In 50 years, I expect Christianity (Catholic and non-Catholic) to be absolutely huge in North America, South America, Africa, and probably even Eastern Asia, although they will also continue to have their traditional religions - Christianity won’t be a majority there, but it will be significant.

Europe seems like it’s going to be Islamic, but there are two factors against it: first, the Muslims who are going to Europe are escaping from the oppression of radical Islam - they aren’t going to welcome it following them around, and they may simply renounce Islam, rather that have to put up with Sharia.

Second, although Europe has lost most of its outward Christian habits - church going, prayer, etc., they still think like Christians - fair play and equal rights are important to them, the dignity of the human person is important, forgiveness is important, “thou shalt not steal” is important - they aren’t going to give up secular Christianity, even though they have already given up religious Christianity, so in the end, I expect Europe to go secular Muslim and secular Christian - not overtly religious at all, other than sending their kids to Sunday School to learn a few moral values.

Islam itself is self-destructive. I have no idea what the Arab countries will be like - either they will have moderated their tone somewhat, or else the ultimate suicide bomber will have let off a nuke and blown them all sky-high, leaving the place uninhabitable.

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