Which Rosary mysteries you pray Sunday?

  • Always the Glorious Mysteries
  • The Joyful between Advent and Epiphany, the Sorrowful during Lent and Glorious the rest of the year

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On some Sundays I’ll also use these, in honor of Mary, such as on Dec 8th: http://www.catholicplanet.com/insights/Hidden-Mysteries.htm


One can also swap in the Luminous Mysteries if one of them relates to that day, for example Transfiguration. Or sometimes just because of the Holy Eucharist, which we celebrate each Sunday.


I pray only the original mysteries.


Neither. I go in order of biblical events - joyful, sorrowful, glorious, joyful, sorrowful, glorious. Any of these could fall on a Sunday.

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Yes, this is a complete sentence. Sorry the AI can’t understand it. Better luck next time, AI. Much love to you.

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I follow the Card. so I pray the Glorious on Sunday. I pray 4 mysteries, not three. Some leave out the Luminous mysteries.

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Well, today I decided to pray the Joyful during Advent till Candlemas, to shake it up a little.

I said always Glorious Mysteries, but I should put a caveat, if I’m praying the rosary with someone else , it’s usually whatever they want to. I don’t have anything against doing it differently, but I’m someone who likes things to be very orderly , and since that’s the way I usually do it on a Sunday, that’s the way I prefer it be done.

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Only 16 votes? Where are the Rosary prayers of this forum? :joy:

Where arw the Luminous Mysteries?

The Luminous Mysteries were created while I was an adult, so I never got into the habit. If I’d said them when I was a kid, I’d be more likely to make use of them. You know how it is---- if you’ve already got your meditations memorized, you can jump into any of them at any time, but if someone says, “Here’s something new you might try”, you take it or leave it.

For me, it made sense to do the mysteries in order, with Sorrowful on Friday and Glorious on Sunday. So I didn’t have anywhere to shoehorn in the Luminous. The recommended order for that is—


which really lacks a natural flow. So the alternative, of course, would be to pray 20 decades at a pop. Which isn’t a problem— but I tend to do 5 decades these days.

I still think Pluto is a planet, too. :wink:

@midori I get where you are coming from in regards to Pluto!!

However, I am a convert. I became Catholic in 2008 so I didn’t grow up praying the
Rosary. For me, the Luminous Mysteries are my favorite.

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During Lent, even on Sundays I do not say the Glorious Mysteries, but the Joyful Mysteries.

I forget where this tradition came from, perhaps the nuns I had in grammar school many moons ago.

Because the Rosary is a private prayer, unlike the Liturgy of the Hours, one can meditate on any of the mysteries you want to on any day.

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Congratulations! They are beautiful things to contemplate— and I always had it in my head that it was odd to jump from The Finding in the Temple to The Agony in the Garden. :slight_smile: :blue_heart:

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I love the Luminous Mysteries! Especially the fifth one.


Except the Luminous mysteries are prayed on Thursday, after the Glorious mysteries. So the Agony in the Garden still follows the Finding of Jesus in the

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