Which saint whilst on earth performed the most miracles?


Which saint whilst on earth performed the most miracles?


Jesus Christ, son of God obviously! :smiley: :wink:


perhaps St Padre Pio?


I’m not aware of any system counting them up.

Frankly, if you’re the kind of living saint that strews miracles around, God is going to be working through you all the time, and there will be more miracles than you can shake a stick at or count. (If that’s not what God wants you for, everything will be a lot more subtle.)

St. Martin de Porres, Ven. Solanus Casey, St. Benedict Joseph Labre, St. Joseph of Cupertino… there are tons of them in every age of the Church. Lots of them are just local saints – many of the female miracleworkers, especially. A lot of them were very simple people.


This is actually a very tricky question because we don’t know how many miracles the Apostles performed after they received the Holy Spirit. I suspect that would have been a great time for miracles.

Does this question include both miracles done during the lifetime of a saint and after death?

The other thing is that the early accounts of the saints, say before 1100 AD are often mixed with legend and miracles are frequently far-fetched and exaggerated.

The closer we get to the present age the less frequent obvious miracles occur, for example when was the last time a saintly person resurrected someone from the dead (Francis Xavier?) or spontaneously healed a blind person?

Francis Xavier would be one of the most recent of saints with many miracles attributed to him (though contested by some Protestants).



Protestants don’t believe in saints… or are you talking about Anglicans?


Jesus isn’t even a saint


StPadre Pio revived a dead child


St, Anthony of Padua had a bunch of miracles, including reviving a dead young man and reattaching a severed foot. He made a baby speak, got a mule to acknowledge the Eucharist and was able to preach to the fishes. And that’s just some of them! :slight_smile:


I think it’s important to point out that not a single saint ever performed a miracle. It was Always God performing the miracle in and through them. And any saint humble enough for God to use in such a wonderous manner wouold be mortified to hear anyone attributing those miracles to them and not to God, who is the real wonder worker.


I think it’s a miracle whenever someone chooses good over evil. Look at how we live our lives when we don’t involve God… Everything good in us and done by us is purely the grace of God. But which saint performed the most supernatural type of phenomina… I have no idea. We probably don’t know, because there were surely many hidden saints. I’ve always adored St Mary of Egypt, however we know so little about her life from the time she fled to the desert from her life of sin. Considering the circumstances of how she was discovered and then her death, there were many miracles happening for and through her. But who knows. St Charbel is also totally awesome.


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