which saint?


is there a patron saint that you can pray to for sore gums and teeth problems?..

could the holy souls in purgatory help with their prayers too?



St. Apollonia is generally regarded as the patron of teeth- because she had all hers pulled out (or rather according to some: bashed out) when she was martyred . That’s why she is usually shown with pliers.



Interesting picture - what’s the pink bit at the bottom? Her stomach?



You might find the website Catholic Online (www.catholic.org) interesting. Every occupation or situation seems to have one (even Arms Dealers: Adrian of Nicomedia!). Can anyone think of an occupation that doesn’t have one and should?


Was going to say abortionists, then realized their patron saint may be Lucifer. :stuck_out_tongue:


is that a huge tooth she is holding? :slight_smile:


I think that the ermine form her cloak as seen better here


thanks everyone for your replies…

i wasn’t asking just out of general interest…i really did want to know because i have sore gums and teeth problems…(dentist says it’s caused by a medical condition i have) so i will try praying to st apollonia…:thumbsup:

is there any other saints who help with these problems:confused:



The patron site for protection against abortion is St. Catherine of Sweden. Lucifer is not a saint. Check out my patron saint challenge at the Back Fence forum.


All of them. :yup: :thumbsup:

But check out the link PoliSciProf posted.

Here (and here)


thanks AJV…

for the links…

the first one looks really interesting:thumbsup:



St. Appolonia
from the Franciscan magazine website


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