Which Spirituality do you follow?

Ok, like, I’m not even Catholic (yet…) but I’m impressed by St. Francis de Sales. I read his “Catholic Controversies” and am halfway through the “Introduction to the Devout Life”.

So I ordered some tapes from DeSales Resources, and was introduced to Catholic (specifically Salesian) spirituality, and how it was totally different, in some ways, from predominant spiritualities at the time. Like, less ascetic and less strictly disciplined, and more open to experiencing God’s love through everyday life. Which was probably very good for the 20,000 or whatever Protestants that he went to Geneva to convert back to Catholicism (via the letters that make up the “Controversies”.)

So, I now realize that “spirituality” is a whole other “area” of Catholicism. You know what I mean.

The question, is- if you follow a specific spirituality, which one, and why?

I guess I would say I follow Franciscan spriituality. St. Francis was passionate and “single-minded” about God. Even a little imulsive - when God asked his to rebuild His church St. Francis went about rebuilding the church building before he realized that God had something even bigger in mind.

I think I gravitate to it because that is what I’m like -passionate, impulsive…there is also a simplicity which I’m in greater need of.

I don’t want a spirituuality to just make things easier for me. It needs to challenge me toward virue but without frustrating or stifling me.


I commmend your interest in De Sales, he was the saner voice in the 17th century. I admire his writings, he still points the way.

My spirituality has been (more or less) Benedictine, they have a particular charism that I would describe as a well ordered, practical life devoted to God, but I have gravitated over time to a Byzantine religious perspective which is traditionally more ascetic, there is no conflict really, some Benedictines are of the Byzantine rite.

However Byzantine is too broad a category for purposes of this discussion (that would be like “eastern” vs “western”), I am still finding my way. :slight_smile: I plan to study the rule of St Basil and read St John Cassian to see where that all leads me. Such as it is I have entered a period of discernment.

I can’t say that I follow any specific form of spirituality as of now. But I would say that I would desire to follow the Fransiscan spirituality the most. I look at St. Francis as a great imitator of Christ. He lived such a simple life that shaped him so much to Christ.

Thats a very good question. I have read introduction to the devout life several times, it is very good. I think it would be a good idea, at least for me, and maybe for you to study the different orders and the ir assiciated method of spirituality…

I tend to be Benedictine

Franciscan. I am trying very hard to further my studies to become a Franciscan Tertiary of the Immaculate (Different from the SFO). While I am losing my attachment to “things,” I still have an awful lot of pride to lose, and I certainly could be more penitential.

I am a secular Carmelite. My charism is prayer. This sounds simple. But it means striving for a life of union with God in all circumstances, not just during a designated prayer time.

The Lord told us that there are many rooms in His mansion. You have uncovered one of the hidden treasures of the Catholic church. These “rooms” are the many paths of spirituality.

From my understanding of Protestantism, I have heard that you see yourselves “covered” by the Blood of Christ. But you remain a “dung hill” underneath. In Catholicism, we know that God actually came to transform us. We call this Transforming Union.

The various paths of spirituality are different routes for each unique individual to be transformed. Since you have been led to the Devout Life, I would concentrate my efforts there. You will find that the Interior Life is every bit as infinite as God is infinite.

God Bless!


Ah the beauty and the riches of the Catholic Faith! :thumbsup:

In my spiritual journey, I started (with the help of a director) the Carmelite Dark night of the Soul. Then I went to the Ignatious to help me discern who I was before God and now, well, by the advice of my director (who is a bi-ritual parish priest), I was given the gift of Adoration, so I guess I am back to the Carmelite form. ‘Divine Intimacy’ comes in real handy for the continual stripping of the not-so-Godly stuff that exists. Most of this book is from the Carmelite saints. How great is our God!:bowdown2:

I did go through the charismatic thing for a quite a few years, but now, I feel much more at home with these spiritualities (Carmelite and Ignatian). One is no better than the other, it is just my journey!

The funny part is that I raised as a child with the Franciscans…but never had any desire to embrace their spriituality.


My piety is definitely more traditional in liturgical and prayer preference, but I’ve never been initiated well-enough into a particular spirituality to be able to say that I follow it. I probably do more blending than anything else, although I do love the Ignatian foci on the Passion and obedience.

I am a Benedictine Oblate so my spirituality draws on the promises of obedience, fidelity and stability, on the liturgy of the hours and lectio divina, at least that is the spirituality I profess and struggle to follow, but very imperfectly. In my year of formation we studied the Life Giving Way by Esther DeWaal, and I was taken with the way the holy rule can be applied to every situation of daily life in the world.

I feel like I’m being drawn to Carmelite spirituality-- been reading Ss. Teresa and John of the Cross. I’m interested in the lay orders of Carmel, both OCDS and O.Carm, and plan on checking into them.

I guess I would follow a type of spirituality akin to St. Thomas Aquinas and Pope John Paul II, one that is based on mysticism and a firm grasp of reason to make sense of the Gospel in today’s rapidly changing world.

My spiritual focus has been liturgical. I’ve been trying to attend Mass every day, schedule permitting, and praying the Rosary every day. If I cannot attend Mass, I at least read the daily Mass Scriptural readings from my Roman Missal, and the traditional prayers contained within the Missal.

I’m in formation as a Secular Carmelite . . .

Overall, I’d say I’m primarily Salesian, with a healthy dose of Monfortian spirituality mixed in, especially recently.

[quote=DBT]I’m in formation as a Secular Carmelite . . .


Im in formation in the Army of God. I guess im SICK. Soldiers In Christs Kingdom. :smiley:

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