Which subject brings out the worst bias in the BBC? You vote to decide

Oh I do love the BBC. Many a time during my holiday last week, which I spent drinking myself into a stupor in the south of France, I asked myself: “I wonder what Thought for the Day is about this morning?”

Seriously, though, I do love the BBC – it is the best in the world at so many things I couldn’t even begin to list them – which is why I am so concerned at its bias. Imagine how good Lord Leith’s great creation could be if it was not so unjustly dominated by one insane section of society. That’s why the Biased BBC website is so important. This week they’re running a poll asking us to nominate which subject brings out the worst in the Beeb’s slanted view of the world. At the moment Islam is just in the lead, and rightly so. As a couple of readers here have pointed out (thank you, British Renaissance, Paul Weston and any others), the BBC’s Bitesize account of Islam and Christianity is nothing short of state propaganda. It is so bad that at first I thought it was a spoof – and it’s all the more sinister because it’s aimed at children. On Christianity the Beeb writes:

Many people think that the Christian Church is sexist. It does not treat men and women equally. The teaching of St Paul is often quoted to support the way some churches today treat women. From the extracts below, it would seem that he believed that the role of women was different to that of men, and secondary to it.

But that’s not at all – the original page was longer but mysteriously these passages have been edited out:

In South Africa, for many years the Dutch Reformed Church supported apartheid, the system which meant that black people were separated from white people and treated inferior. When Europeans were colonising other countries around the world they often killed the native people there and treated them as slaves.

Islam, the Beeb informs the nation’s 14 to 16 year-olds, is quite different:

The Qur’an (the Divine Book revealed to the Prophet Muhammad) teaches that everyone was created by Allah (God) and that everyone is equal:

*Islam also teaches that men and women are equal in the sight of Allah. They are individually accountable for their actions, and will be judged equally by Allah.

However, although men and women are equal, they are not the same. They have different purposes. It is part of Allah’s design and purpose for men and women to have different physical characteristics; likewise it is the duty of a man to provide for the financial needs of his family, and for a woman to look after the home and family.

Some of these differences and responsibilities are mentioned in the following words from the Qur’an:

Although the rights of women are different to those of men, they do have the right to choose whom they marry, to divorce, to study, to own property, to conduct business and to take part in politics.

The Prophet Muhammad stressed the importance of women and the respect that should be shown to them when he said:Paradise lies at the feet of your mother. (Sunan An-Nasa’i).*

What is it with these people and Islam? The answer is that the Beeboids have failed to move on from the 20th century prism of race through which lefties see the world, and their love of Islam has nothing to do with Islam itself. It’s been said by many people (Rod Liddle and Harry’s Place, for example) that the BNP’s antipathy to Islam arises from the fact that most Muslims have brown skin. The religion itself, which is anti-Semitic, anti-Communist and anti-capitalist, ludicrously authoritarian about crime and reactionary about women and gays, is quite appealing to fascists or hardline conservatives (although it has some attraction for Leninists as well).

That may be true, and the same certainly goes for the BBC: Islam itself is the antithesis of everything they believe in, and they know it, but because its followers are brown-skinned they therefore qualify – in the weird world of White City – as part of the oppressed of the world. But they’re are so many fields in which the Beeb is biased. Vote for your favourite.



Seriously, though, I do love the BBC – it is the best in the world at so many things I couldn’t even begin to list them

Lost my attention at that point.

Kaninchen - who won’t be worrying about ‘Thought For The Day’ while she’s in Italy all next month.

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