Which theologians have best addressed "the scandal of particularity"

“The scandal of particularity” refers to the difficulty that people have with the idea that an omnipresent God would choose to enter history in a particular place at a particular time, or choose a particular people to deal with differently than every other group. Many people think that such a God should deal equally with all times/places in history, or with all people groups.

Which theologians have best addressed this issue? Book/article recommendations very welcome!

I have also wondered about this about why God left out the Chinese people and instead chose the Jews?

May I ask why you mention the Chinese in particular? Or is that just a “for example”?

I just ate in a Chinese restaurant and met some wonderful Chinese people. Why did not God choose the Chinese, but chose the Jews instead was the question that came to mind. But of course, God did not choose the Vietnamese, the Japanese and the American Indians either, but instead chose the Jews. The thread concerns particularity which I am reporting here has also been a question which entered my mind.


Thank you, I was just curious.

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