Which TLM Missal do you use?

just curious,

for those of you who attend a TLM on a regular basis, what missal do you use? i am considering purchasing one, but i want “user feedback.”

I have the missal from Baronius Press. It’s quite good, but the language of the translations is terribly old-fashioned and it’s not very user-friendly. I’d also like a missal that has some full-color pictures. On the plus side, it’s very complete and it’s “updated,” so to speak, to include the new rules of fasting, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and the Mysteries of Light. I think the New Marian Missal that the Fraternity of St. Peter used to have on its website (it might be out of print now) was superior.

I use the New Roman (Fr. Lasance) Missal, but only because that’ the one I have in my possession and it’s the one I am used to. The Lasance Missal, however, is replete with (mostly typographical) errors, and, now that I know better, I would probably go with the Baronius Missal.

Here’s a link to an excellent article from my parish newsletter that may be of use to you in choosing a Missal . . .

I hope this helps!

I have used the St. Andrew Daily Missal for a while.

I use the Baronius Press Daily Missal (1962).

It is extremely good, and language is no real barrier. I think it may use the DR Translation. Very precise language.

I use the St. Joseph’s Missal, although I want to get at somepoint the Angelus Press Missal, which is probably the best.

It depends. I have a lot of Missals, but the one that I am most comfortable with is the old standby, 58’ St. Josephs Daily Missal. I have always found it to be adequite for most Masses. The St Andrews is good as is the Baronious Press 62 version.

I also came across a rare find at a Thrift Store here, a book called Blessed be God. It is not technically a Missal but has the entire Mass all the Epistles and Gospels, Nuptial Mass, Mass for the Dead, numerous novenas, litanies ,devotions prayers, reflections meditations, benedictions, expositions etc. A truly wonderful book. It does lack some things that a Missal has, rubrics, propers and communicantes for all situations and a few other things. But for someone who knows the faith and is comfortable with it this book is a real treasure.

The version I have was published in 1958, appx 700 pages and small enough to carry around with you, and has an imprimateur of Francis Cardinal Spellman, although I understand there are earlier versions of it. I would reccommend that if you can find one :

**GET IT ** :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :

You will not be disappointed I guarantee it.

Just out of curiosity and ignorance on my side, why do say that the one from Angelus Press is probably the best?

Gratia et pax vobiscum,

The Angelus Press Missal is simply beautiful. Well printed and of higher quality than anything else I’ve seen but I often just use the prayer book Blessed Be God for High and Low Mass. Also, it is just full of Regular and Special Prayers, Popular Devotions and Favorite Novenas. It’s 754 pages of Old School fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


Gee, I am almost (but not quite) embarassed to bring up the little missal that I use for Sundays. It’s named appropriately “My Sunday Missal” by Father Stedman. It measures only 3" x 5" x 1/2". The one I am using now was published in 1956. It contains all the Sunday & Holy Day Masses. It slips right into the breast pocket of my suit coat.

I really like it since I seldom go to daily Mass. It’s small, easy to carry and light to hold.

My wife used my old missal that I received when I was confirmed. It is the “Saint Pius X Daily Missal”, also published in 1956 with Imprimatur from Francis Cardinal Spellman. Since she like the missal, she found a new one on Ebay. The Missal is completely revised with the rubics of January 1, 1961.

They work for us and cost very little compared to the new editions for sale today. Both mine and her missal are fairly plain, but fully functional.

great comments! please keep 'em coming.

for those that use the st joseph’s missal, do you find the english-only propers and multiple illustrations too juvenile? do you use the st joe’s ed. because that’s what you’ve got lying around, or did you choose this version over and above others?


FYI. The Angelus Press is the publishing arm of SSPX. What one wants to do with that information is their own business.

honestly, that’s one reason i would purchase the baronius press missal rather than the angelus press missal.

good info to have.

Gratia et pax vobiscum,

Please note that even members of the FSSP use the Angelus Press Roman Catholic Daily Missal. It is not ‘heresy’ to purchase and use their products.


I second that.

Although, I do currently use the St. Joseph missal.

You’ll note I never called it such.

I use the St. Joseph’s when I go because through a stroke of luck (grace) I found it for sale (only $20). So it’s the one I have. I like the illustrations myself, they’re only black and red and nicely done. Though the Ordinary is given in English and Latin, the Propers are only in English; I would’ve liked Latin and English for them, but the English is beautiful and the Latin mostly audible so it’s OK.

Although I don’t think I would personally give my money to Angelus Press, my roommate has their Missal and it is quite beautiful with some wonderful meditations on the Mass at the beginning and lots of prayers, colored ribbons, etc.

just to spur on conversation about usefulness of different features of each missal, here is a comparison chart of each missal listed above.

Missal Comparison

Cool, thanks. :thumbsup:

I own several missals. Recently the one from Angelus Press gets used most often. St. Andrew Daily Missal and Fr. Lasance’s are also full of wonderful information.

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