Which TLM Missal do you use?

I have the Baronius 1962 Missal and love it!

I also bought my Douay-Rheims from Baronius and I am patiently waiting for their English-Latin Breviary, which I will buy as soon as it is published.

does anyone own both the st joseph’s missal and the baronius missal? if so, which do you prefer?

I do as as well as many other missals, St Andrews, St pauls, Marian and numerous prayer books which all had the Mass in them. The Baronious is more complete, has more but I prefer the St Josephs. It is straightforward and has all the neat drawings of the Priest at certain parts of the Mass. Both are very good missals.


the reviews say that there is no kyriale. is this a big problem for you?

No. That really doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t read music anyway and I know the ordinary of the Mass… I can see a use for it if you are in the choir and they don’t have sheet music but other than that, its a nice add on but not necessary. The St Andrews Baronious as well as the Angelus Press version of the 62’ Missal have though if you need or want to have it.


thank you for your patience. i hesitate to tap you for testimonials but, you are the person i’ve been hoping to run into on the board. thanks.

as for snorter, i’ve seen the stedman for sale on ebay. what features does it have? ordinary in latin/english? propers? readings?

It has very few features. The ordinary is in Latin/English. The Propers are in English only.

As I described by its size, it is a very compact missal that does leave a lot out. The ordinary assumes that you are attending a low, dialogue Mass. I normally attend a sung/high Mass and the little missal has no notation of the incensing of the altar, for instance. It also does not contain the Aperges.

I like it because it is easy to transport to Mass (in my pocket), easy to hold and it covers the necessary items, it just doesn’t have the frills that a larger missal would have.

interesting. so, snort, does it actually have the readings?

It has all the Sunday readings if you are referring to the Epistle and the Gospel. They are also only in English.

for those with the baronius missal, do you ever use the kyriale?

I have this book, which I recently purchased. Loreto Publications publishes it now and lately I’ve been using it instead of my missal…it even has a section called “Prayers at Mass”, which are prayers for you to pray which correspond to the different parts of the Mass but aren’t the Mass prayers themselves. I love it!

Does anyone know why the reprint of the St. Joseph’s Missal (Bonaventure Press) is of the 1953 edition? THe changes to Holy Week were in 1955, so these are not included in the 1953 version. People who buy this newly-printed missal are not able to utilize it during Holy Week.

Was there some big format change in the 1954 edition that rendered the 1953 such a novelty?

I briefly had an Angelus Press missal but returned it because the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary requires one to jump around to various places in the missal for the prayers of the Mass. This is a Mass that is celebrated AT LEAST THIRTEEN TIMES a year (the feast proper, each First Saturday, and whenever the priest says the votive Mass of the Immaculate Heart of Mary). Considering such frequent usage, it shouldn’t require a person to go flipping all over the missal to find the prayers.

But I have to agree with the previous post: the leather-bound cover is beautiful and the pages are higher quality paper stock than any other hand missal I’ve seen… but I still like the Saint Andrew Daily missal better.

Mine isn’t on there. I use a Fulton J. Sheen Sunday missal, circ. 1962.

The wonderful, beautiful, traditional St. Andrew Daily Missal.

I believe I know the reason why.

First, let me state that I love St. Bonaventure Publications. I have their 1945 St. Andrew Daily Missal. It was my first TLM Missal. And I recently ordered their 15 volume Liturgical Year. When I showed it to my priest he asked me to order a set for him.

But, if you go to their website you will see that in the links at the top of the page there is one called “CD’s and Tapes”. Clicking on it takes you to a page where you learn that they don’t carry the CD’s and Tapes themselves. Instead they provide a link to the website of the Daughters of Mary.

On their site if you click on “About” you can read the History of the Congregation. The very first sentence reads:
*“In the summer of 1984, Father Clarence Kelly (now Bishop Kelly) founded the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Our Savior.”

*Now, Bishop Clarence Kelly is the head of the SSPV (not to be confused with the SSPX). The SSPV is a sedevacantist group - they believe that we have had no pope since Pius XII. They reject John XXIII, Paul VI, JPI, JPII, And Benedict XVI as antipopes.

They also reject not only the Novus Ordo but any changes to the Mass made by Annibale Bugnini (the principal designer of the Novus Ordo) before Vatican II. That would be the inclusion of St. Joseph in the Roman Canon, the Holy Week changes of 1955 and a few other things.

So, they only use a Missal that does not contain these things. That would mean pre-1955 Missals.

I don’t know that St. Bonaventure is technically affiliated with the SSPV. But it seems that at least the owners are friendly with them and probably attend their Masses.



thanks for your post. that’s enlightening

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