Which Traditional Publication Of TLOBVM is best?

Which traditional publication of the little office of the Blessed Virgin Mary between Baronis Press and Angelus press is better?

The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Office of the Dead by Angelus Press (2015-05-04) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FKT47AO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_fJuqDbTJK6P6B


To be perfectly honest - I actually prefer the “current” version from C.B.P… :grinning:

But that’s just me. I have the two versions that you are considering plus four other book versions going back to 1900. I have long since reached retirement and since my kids and family have absolutely no interest in such material, and since I’m of the age to start thinking about giving stuff to others who might benefit from it, if you want them - they’re all yours?! PM if you’re interested…



I have both versions - Angelus and Baronius. The Baronius version is by far the better one.

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I have the Baronius Press one - it uses the Clementine/Vulgate Latin with the Douay Rheims English translation - Not the Challoner version though! which can be funny if you know a psalm in the Challoner version and some words are different.

It includes quite a bit of Gregorian Chant in the back to help you to sing the Office, which I love. It doesn’t include absolutely everything you need to sing the office though. Also, the accents in the Latin are not marked. Neither are the mediant asterisks and flex daggers - not sure if that’s the right name for them, but means singing the psalms takes a bit of guess work - or looking them up on the Benjamin Bloomfield’s Psalm Tone Tool - seems I can’t include links, maybe because I’m a newb?

I’ve started typing the hours up into booklets - my family sings Prime each morning from the Little Office. For a while we sang Compline too, but since then have moved on to the Roman Compline. They’re on gitlab - my username is veromary - again, can’t link, but I’ve done a few youtube videos of bits of the little office and the links are in the descriptions there.

I have a really old Little Office just in Latin - using the Nova Vulgata Latin though, which is a bit different. It also has the office of the dead, which is great.

If anyone else with the Angelus Press one can advise on how that compares with the Baronius Press one I would very much like to hear - which translations, whether any chant is included, that sort of thing. From the Amazon reviews it sounds like the font is a little bigger and easy to read.

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