Which translation for which books?


I am currently reading through the whole Bible rotating between four translations ; Douay, RSV-2CE, Jerusalem, and Knox. Does anyone have any recommendations to read a certain book from a certain translation? I’ve been just rotating back and forth depending on what mood I am in at the start of each book, but thought I should ask if anyone thought one translation or another was especially well done or beautiful.

I’m not looking for a complete plan; rather just a couple specific recommendations (ie, Knox Isaiah or Douay Matthew).



If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you might check out Jonah in the Jerusalem Bible. It was translated by Tolkien.



Already did (that was the second stop in the Jerusalem when I got it, after a selective reading of the psalms). :smiley:


Hi t knight,

For such a weighty enterprise I would recommend the easy reading bible : KNOX for the whole bible.



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