Which type of person are you?

A= I know I am right and there is zero possibility I can be wrong on even a small matter about my faith/beliefs about God, and God will agree I was.
B= I have faith that I have made the most reasonable choice after careful consideration and discernment of what I have learned about God, and if I am wrong about small matters I feel that in the largest sense, I have done my best to arrive at the truth but could be wrong about matters that are not signifigant enough to cause me to worry and leave that to God. I admit I could be wrong about those things.
C= I don’t worry about being right about every detail, and if I can see I am wrong about something I am willing to change that after being presented with reasonable information to do so. God will move me to the correct position if it is so important.
D= other please describe

Second question. Which of the above types of people have the most amount of faith and why?

D. I put my faith in Jesus Christ and accept that He is really God, one with the Father and Holy Spirit. To me that is where faith comes in. I’m staking my life that this is the truth. Also, I have experienced him.

That said, my investigations lead me to believe that the Catholic church is the historic church that he founded, it teaches truth and is protected by the Holy Spirit. Therefore I accept even those teachings which I might at first glance disagree with. Since God guides the church, I don’t feel I have to second guess all the doctrines and details. For me, believing in the Catholic church is the logical extension of believing in Jesus.

As for what kind of people have the most faith. Faith is our response to God and it is a gift from God. Someone who doesn’t know much about God but believes He exists and asks God to lead him to the truth may have a lot of faith, as well as someone who is very versed in church teachings. Faith also has to result in how we live our lives. Someone who knows a lot about God may have less faith than a simple person who loves God and helps other people.

D :slight_smile: I don’t think “being right” matters - doing right is AFAIC far more important. Is there a God ? I don’t think it matters. I think doing good matters a lot. But dogma IMO is a waste of time, because the day will never come when everyone will hold the same ones.

D= I think that we are all wrong. But that Divinity has a sense of humor about it.

Faith is not measured in pride or humility but in the acceptance of what the Church teaches, in obedience to the Church, and in complete trust in God. Faith is the substance of hope and the proof of things unseen (Hebrews 11:1).

What great question!

I’m none of the above…lol…

Faith is a journey. We are I believed spiritual beings having a human experience. Our “job” is to find our way to our spiritual being, the true self. I believe that when we say that we are in the image of God, we are speaking of the mind. Our minds work like God’s but of course on a much smaller scale.

Thus the mind is the beginning of truth, and the method of seeking it. Being right is not important, but being consciously on the journey is. God is available to help nudge us in the right dirrection. I firmly believe that we are like key holes searching for the right key to unlock our own perfect fit with God. I can tell you what works for me, but it may only perfectly work for me. And so far, I’ve not found my perfect key. I get closer, and that is the journey.

So study, prayer, reading broadly, learning, examining, questioning, and changing are part of this journey. It’s all one vast wonderful excursion.

From your description, I don’t think it is possible to say which of them have the most amount of faith. A is just hard headed. B is rather self-congratulatory. C doesn’t sweat the details and is expecting that God will convince him otherwise ‘if it’s so important’.

To me, faith isn’t just being convinced that you are right. It’s a response to God. It’s an assent of the heart, intellect, and will.

I’m probably a B. I don’t think of myself as likely to be wrong because the idea is a contradiction in terms. To believe something is to think it is true. It is impossible to think one is wrong; it’s like saying you only like what you don’t like. I have no misgivings about saying I believe what I beleive. I also eat what I eat and walk where I walk. :shrug:
C sounds OK but a little weak-willed and possibly at an early stage in the journey. A is a goal, perfect certainty, but it is only worth having if one is certain and also right. To be utterly convinced of a false belief is not good. So we work our way painstakingly forward toward ever greater clarity about the truth.

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