Which version and translation from Hebrew and Ancient Greek of the Bible is the most important for Catholicism?


I ask all 3.

That’s fairly easy, then:

a) no translation is inspired by the Holy Spirit. The writings of the inspired authors of Scripture are inspired, but translations by later scholars (and transcriptions by various copyists) are not. However, that does not mean that the inspired word has not been preserved throughout the years. It does mean that, since a translation can be better or worse – depending on the skill of the translator and the approach he takes in translating the texts – it’s possible that there are better translations or worse translations. As Catholics, we believe that the Bibles that have been approved by the Church accurately contain the inerrant word of God.

b) no translation is “more important” than another. As I’ve already mentioned, no one translation is “inspired” (and by that standard, “more important” than others). However, the translations that have the approval of the Catholic Church are the ones that Catholics should utilize in their Scripture reading and study, and as such, are more valuable to Catholics.

c) some would say that “the best translation is the one you’ll be most likely to pick up and read.” Others would point out that various translations have a variety of strengths and weaknesses. Anyone who answers this question, then, is probably just giving you their personal opinion.


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