Which was my baptism?

I have been baptized twice, once at a font, once by full immersion. Both were when I was an adult, and both were when I believed. I was baptised as a font in a Church of England church first, and then some years later I was fully immersed in an Evangelical free church. I’m a little hazy if either would be accepted by the Catholic church, should I convert, if either would. Does any one have any insight?

Anglican baptisms are considered valid by the Catholic Church. The Anabaptist idea that only full immersion baptisms are valid is, of course, rejected by the Church.

The Church of England baptism is the valid one.

Here’s a list of valid/invalid baptisms/confirmations (Archdiocese of Baltimore, updated 2/21/13):


The Anglican baptism is the valid one. The Catholic Church does not recognize “re-baptisms”.

Thank you all, question clearly answered :slight_smile:

NB: Your Baptism by the Church of England is the valid one, not because the Evangelical immersion Baptism is generally invalid, but because it occurred first. Had the order been reversed, the immersion Baptism would likely be the valid one.

You can be Baptized once, only once, and once Baptized can never become un-baptized.


Thanks for that list.

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