Which way is right?


how do i ask and obtain a favour through the prayers and intercession of the holy souls in purgatory? i know thatnwe must pray for them so that they will pray for us, but do i appeal directly to the holy souls in purgatory and ask them to pray and intercede or do i ask god and add at the end of my prayer and i ask for this through the prayers and intercessions of the holy souls in purgatory?


Either way is good.


on this site there is a prayer to do that


A Prayer to the Poor Souls in Purgatory (to ask for favours)

O holy souls in Purgatory, thou are the certain heirs of Heaven. Thou are most dear to Jesus, as the trophies of His Precious Blood and to Mary, Mother of Mercy. Obtain for me, through thine intercession, the grace to lead a holy life, to die a happy death and to attain to the blessedness of eternity in Heaven. Dear suffering souls, who long to be delivered in order to praise and glorify God in Heaven, by thine unfailing pity, help me in the needs which distress me at this time, particularly (here mention your request), so that I may obtain relief and assistance from God. In gratitude for thine intercession, I offer to God on thy behalf the satisfactory merits of my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day (week, month, or whatever space of time you wish to designate). Amen.

but you can just say a st gertrude holy souls prayer or even a hail mary offered up for them and before or afterward ask god to grant you whatever it is you are praying for ..ask him to grant tit through the prayers and intercessions of the holy souls

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