Which would be the better option?

If you went into the church and somebody was about to desecrate the Consecrated Host and the only way for you to stop it happening was to consume it but you were in a state of mortal sin, would it still be the better option to consume it?


(I haven’t been in this situation).

Two wrongs don’t make a right. If the person, by their own free will, decides to desecrate the host, let them, and pray for them.

How would that be the only way? Could you not take it and run away to find a priest? Why must you eat it?

I could see a situation where it may be the only way. Maybe by the time you get to the host, the assailant has got between you and the door. So you either consume the host, fight him or let him take it. I would have said consume the host is the best option here. If he takes it and desecrates it, that does not just affect him but encourages demonic activity. And fighting someone is clearly not an ideal option. So I would consume the host. Necessity makes it the least bad option.

Can I just smite him? I like smiting. Please just let me smite.

The problem is, consuming the Host while in sin is also considered to be sacrilege.

However, your intentions might make the difference. I know it would be very hard, if you love our LORD, to just let someone desecrate His Eucharistic body.

Getting into a physical altercation while in sin is not a very good option; you could die, and then what?!


Does dying a martyr while being in sin = a martyr’s reward/a sinner’s punishnent o.O

Yeah I’d go for a round of smiting. Sounds like a good way to let off some steam. :wink:

Presumably, someone who chooses to allow themselves to be martyred out charity for God must be in a state of grace. This is because a person who is in a state of mortal sin doesn’t have supernatural charity in their soul in the first place.

Also, it’s possible that God could give someone the grace of perfect contrition moments before they accept martyrdom, even though just 30 minutes ago they committed whatever mortal sins we’d like to insert into the conversation.

As for the OP’s question: evil cannot be morally permitted in order to accomplish good.

There’s also the question of whether getting into a physical altercation and subsequent death constitutes martyrdom.


:tsktsk: You folks are being over-dramatic. There is no need for Nelka to engage in a fist fight during mass.

Even if he tries to fight, Nelka might be overpowered easily. Based on his posts on CAF, I presume Nelka has a meek, easygoing personality.

Just let it go, Nelka. There’s no need for you to increase your guilt before the Lord. With regards to the scenario mentioned in post #1, you might end up causing scandal for intervening in such a manner.

Go ahead. I don’t see why not.

Isn’t that the way of many martyrs?

LOL at the meekness thing…but this is a discussion forum and a hypothetical question. I am not quite meek so I am curious of this lol.

ALSO, the situation I imagined him picturing was not of some person coming up to take communion he disapproved of but rather something like this but with more violent intent:


So they are say coming to forcibly take it and smash it and desecrate it in vile ways…

Then I also might think that if you resisted the force and ended up dead, perhaps a bit of a martyrs death?

I thought **Nelka **was female?

lol so did I :confused:

Well, he has a wife.

forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=990189 <- “My wife hates me, please pray for us.”

forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=498167 <-- “After a long time my wife is finally pregnant.”

Nelka is presumingly male.

I think I even read that first post when it was made. Oops. :blush:

Wow! I’ve never been called meek before. :blush:

I better check the next time I have a shower just in case. :blush:

lol sorry Nelka :blush:

Who the guy behind the keyboard probably is that was called meek:


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