While bishops meet in Rome, Catholic colleges celebrate sexual abuse

From the National Catholic Register:


Because I am concerned that Catholic colleges allow such questionable activity, I will also oppose those that use deception and exaggeration to condemn this play. People like this blogger may appeal to the like-minded who enjoy a good rage, but they fail to reach any one else, and this is an important issue. I would like to be able to trust the author, but when the headline states any untruth and builds a case around that which is false, how can any facts be trusted. Since some of his facts come from sources like “student’s Facebook page,” I am going to look elsewhere for other claims.

Yes, at one time this play did include the alcohol-influenced seduction of a 16 year old girl by a 24 year old girl. But the play was changed to take out the sexual assault parts. Yet this is what his complaint is built around rather the other more direct problem of a Catholic university’s failing to uphold Catholic moral principles by allowing that which is morally offensive to be offered on school property.

Update - The part about Loyola University is correct. From their website.


This issue is unrelated to the bishops meeting, but I think it a cautionary tale for faithful Catholics to look closely at a University before the take its Catholic association as an indication of its moral atmosphere. The institutions, like Loyola, do not need our money and do not need our children.

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