While on Earth was Christ fully man and God

I came to think about this while answering another persons thread. While Jesus was on Earth as man being all human was he at the same time fully God? If so, when someone saw Jesus did they actually see God? I remember one disciple who kinda saw it that way as when he asked Jesus to send I believe a storm at the opposers to snuff them out. What’s your take on this?

Yes, Jesus is fully God and fully man.

This is one of the oldest questions in Christianity, and the answer is that Jesus was simultaneously 100% man and 100% God.

To believe that Jesus was 100% God and 0% human is the Docetist heresy.

To believe that Jesus was 0% God and 100% human is part of the Arian heresy.

To believe that Jesus was human, but His Godly side was so immense and powerful that it overwhelmed His human side (like a drop of oil in the ocean) is part of the Monophystite heresy.

In a word, yes.

He was the full divinity walking around in a standard-issue human body (like yours or mine).

He was a real live human being, soul and body, fully and solidly United to Divinity.

You can’t wrap your head around it; better not to try IMNAAHO.


what is this? IMNAAHO.ICXC NIKA
I like your word, “united to Divinity”.

IMNAAHO = In My Not At All Humble Opinion.

IC are the first and last letters of the Greek name IHCOYC (IESOUS).

XC are the first and last letters of XPICTOC (CHRISTOS)

NIKA is victory in Greek.

So ICXC NIKA = Jesus Christ victorious.

GOD Bless and ICXC NIKA.

Seriously. He knew He was the Second Person of the Trinity, God the Son. At the same time, His divinity was veiled, especially from unbelievers. Even the disciples (except for St. Peter) didn’t understand that Jesus was the Son of God at first, and even St. Peter didn’t understand Jesus’s mission until after the Resurrection. Jesus has a full human will, though as He is divine and sinless, it is perfectly united with the Divine Will, and was even when He walked the Earth. Yet fully human emotions overwhelmed Him on the eve of His crucifixion, and He begged the Father for another way. Oh, and btw, if He were not fully human and fully divine, He could never have become “the One Mediator between God and men” - as only One who was fully God yet fully human could ever hope to be.

Jesus - 100% God, 100% Perfect Man.

Yes…He held the Universe in his hand while he ate dinner at a table in some tax collectors house in Israel.

Crazy to think of it that way but that is the nature of God.

On the same sort of note. He humbled himself to become human…the universe still existed, the earth still rotated, but he experienced 100% our humanity…he needed his mom to feed him, cloth him, teach him, he had to learn to walk, to talk…all of that…Truly a miracle and a great gift to us when you think of that.


Yes, fully God and fully man.
You must remember, though, that God is fully unchanging, unmovable, irresistible, etc.
So, the question of how fully God yet fully man, where man changes in time, moves from place to place both geographically and internally (growth, aging, nutritionally, etc.).

The Person, is fully God (fully the Essense that is God; intellect and will, and personally the Son, begotten of the Father).
The Person is fully human (being an individual rational soul united to its body, growing, learning the symbolic interaction with material reality, etc.)
From conception, his soul was infused by this Person with understanding of who he is, his Person or self-understanding, even before his soul understood human interaction with other humans and before his brain had any history of memories or thoughts or words.

But as he learned as we learn, to speak, to use his brain in thinking and memory, he immediately understood what he learned as being true or false, because his soul was already wise in these understandings. As a human he did not know that the barren fig tree had no figs until he went up to it and learned that there were no figs behind the leaves. But once he saw it, he knew that was false for a fig tree to look like it would have fruit, yet have no fruit, and “cursed the fig tree”. He commanded the fig tree to truly represent itself - to be dead because it was not doing its life correctly.

Thanks you all. It’s beginning to dawn on me the humongous restraint, patience, and humility it must have taken Him while interacting with people on a day to day basis (except for Mary and Joseph):slight_smile: But as we sometimes read his righteous anger can and did get the best of Jesus as in the overturning of the money changers table.

It wasn’t visibly obvious as is a incorporeal entity however he was fully man and fully God in the hypostatic union.

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