Whit Embertide

The Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after Pentecost Sunday are known as “Whit Embertide”. Traditional Catholics still observe fasting and abstinence during the Whit Embertide. These three days are one of the four occassions when Ember Days occur in the Liturgical Year.

Although no longer mandatory after Vatican II, I highly encourage my readers to observe these days. In fact, many Traditional priests encourage the Faithful to observe the days. If you are in good health, please join me by fasting and abstaining from meat these days. These days are special days not only to pray for a good harvest but also pray for priestly vocations and the newly ordained. They are days of prayer, fasting, and charity.

Whit Embertide for this year, 2007 AD: May 30, June 1, and June 2.

Hasn’t the wednesday after Pentecost Sunday (Last Sunday right?) already passed?



Doing two days or one as opposed to the three is better than none, for sure!

I slipped up with the fasting today (Friday), though I am praying extra and did abstain from meat anyways. Kinda new to this ember days thing.

I am too. Don’t worry about it too much. You’ll get the hang of it :thumbsup: And, yes, two days or even one of fasting/abstinence is much better than none!

What part of the world are you in? It’s still Thursday in my neck of the woods & even in the UK I think it would only be 6:00 AM Friday…


That would be Australia - we’re across the international date line so it’s already 3.20 pm Friday afternoon here (TGIF! TGIF!)



I remember Ember days from when I was a kid, but I had completely forgotten about them.

thanks for refreshing my mind.


BTW…fantastic blog!:thumbsup:

Well…I guess I’ll only get to fast one day. :rolleyes:

Thanks for telling everyone! :thumbsup:

Hey, it’s one day more than you would have done, right!

Next Ember Days are the Wed, Fri and Saturday after Feast of the Holy Cross (September 14) just to give you a head start :thumbsup:

Thanks…where do you find this info?

Ember Days are always the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after 13 December (S. Lucia), after Ash Wednesday, after Whitsunday, and after 14 September (Exaltation of the Cross).

Ok…I’ll have to try to remember. Thanks! :thumbsup:

I recommend buying a 1962 Missal and following the Calendar in it. I bought mine for a bargain price of only $35 USD from Our Lady of the Rosary Library. It is an Angelus Press Missal.

I’ll definitely look into it…gotta save up some money first. I’m saving for WYD, right now. :slight_smile:

There’s a rhyme that might help - ‘Lent (Ash Wednesday), ***Pent ***(Pentecost), Cruce (Holy Cross) and Luce (St Lucy)’ - and then it’s the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday after each of these feasts :thumbsup:


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