White anxiety finds a home at Fox News



rofl, “white nationalist language”


If we could distill modern leftism into one pithy saying, it would be something like “white people are just the worst, amirite?”


Well there you go…


I thought it was a well written and thoughtful opinion piece. Food for thought and conversion. Whether you agree or not with some or all of it. But so far I get “leftism’ “lofl” and “white people are just the worst” No where in this article does it say that. But why bother…


It’s fun when people share racist views and then claim to be shocked, shocked! to be identified as racists.


Are you white?


Oh…I’m much worse…I’m white, male, and cis-gender. Worst of the worst.


You sound pretty triggered by this article.


You’re not wrong.


I’m sorry. That must be very hard for you.


I didn’t find anything wrong with what Laura Ingram said. If millions of white people were illegally flooding into the Philippines and the politicians here had policies to bring in millions more then of course the Philippino’s would want to know what is going on and quite rightly object.

That is just normal. The abnormality as far as I am concerned is that large numbers of people have been conditioned through education and media to think this a good thing and to look down on people who object.


Have you ever tried to see things from another perspective?

Try walking in the shoes of a non white gay female for a day.

If that is too much of a stretch, at least a Mexican mother trying to get her children to a better life.


We’re a hardy and self-sufficient lot. We do okay.

Have you ever tried walking in the foot steps of the underemployed son of an Appalachian coal miner? How about a Duke University lacrosse team member falsely accused of rape and having his life destroyed because of it? A lot of people with a lot of problems in the world.



Ingraham said “this is related to both illegal and legal immigration.”

Second, it is really about legal immigration.

“The America we know and love doesn’t exist anymore,” Ingraham said Wednesday night. “Massive demographic changes …”

Illegal immigrants make up less than 4% o f the nations population. They cannot constitute a “massive demographic change”. Whatever it is that she is dog-whistling about, it must be much much, more than illegal immigration.

Whatever FOX supports, I was happy to see and link the Pew poll that indicates that even among Republicans there is 61% support for continuing immigration at current levels or higher.


Should I take that as a “no”?


Not all all. In fact, on odd Thursdays I identify as a “non white gay female”. On even Thursdays I identify as a self righteous prig obsessed with Donald Trumps sex life. It’s a bit disconcerting for the wife and kids, but diversity isn’t going to celebrate itself.

Trump & the Seven Deadly Sins

Good to see you are doing your bit to make America politically correct again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe she’s read some of Ann Coulter’s writings where she complains openly that the immigration laws passed in the 1960’s allowed for too much non WASP immigration.


It is hard to read what she said and come to any other conclusion. Although they might be OK with other white Europeans.

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