White Backlash to Racially Oriented Groups


So why can’t white people have whites only clubs…if black people feel they need to feel safe with only black people why are they complaining about what white people do…oh that’s right…white folk are all racists

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'Cause that’s most of society?


I hear what you’re saying, but my friend, who is from Egypt and white, belongs to an ethnic Egyptian club where everybody is white.

Not Northern-European white, but white,

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I don’t have any particular need for a white safe-space, but how about a Catholic space where everybody was already on the same page and could discuss Catholic ideas without having to do basic apologetics such as “why do you believe in God”, and “when are you going to stop worshipping Mary”.


Well, yeah, since much of America is white?

My question about this is why would we even consider having any clubs based on the amount of melanin in one’s skin?
I frankly think it is idiotic regardless of who does it.


Wouldn’t that be a parish?

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Some of what are claimed to be 'races" in this country really aren’t. Is a Mexican “white”? Lots of them are “whiter” than most northern European-descended people. What about Cubans, some of which are really “white” in color? If a Mexican or Cuban can be “white” is a Sicilian really “white”?

In American classification, Arabs are “white”. They don’t get to have their own “race”.

A good part of what we call “race” is really “cultural origin”.

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We finally agree on something.

But I suppose you disagree with me in taking this a step further in saying that not everyone has to agree with me, and people should be ABLE to have clubs based on skin melanin levels if they want to.

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Not necessarily, because anybody is welcome to come to Mass and see what it’s all about. You don’t have to be a believer first.

I agree with JonNC and you.

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Did you ever see the Spongebob Squarepants episode where to get into the cool beach club the characters had to be a certain level of tan?


I thought we agreed on a lot of things. :thinking:
Absolutely people should be able to associate with anyone they like. To say otherwise wold make me, well, a progressive. :wink:

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Oh, goodness. Fortunately, I missed that. Then again, I’ve missed all of SpongBob.

Then we classify linguistic groups as if they are ethnic groups. Hispanic is not an ethnic group. Not Hispanic is not an ethnic group.

Solution: I encourage Americans to not fill out race and ethnic questions on government documents, particularly the census.


My apologies, I sometimes confuse your user name with a far left Jon who posts here.


I’m rarely confused with leftists. :rofl:

No problem. :+1:


The idea that in order to get rid of racial discrimination we have to discriminate based on race is also idiotic.

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