White Catholic voters turn on Donald Trump, handing Hillary Clinton further opportunity to steal traditional Republican support


Groping women and chuckling over your own daughter being a “piece of ***” goes beyond boorishness.


I assume you are not ok with demeaning woman who complain about your husband raping them. You familiar with Hillary’s bimbo eruption technics.


Do Hispanic Catholics not count or something? Doesn’t matter how you break it down, Obama won the Catholic vote twice.


Yep and Trump seems to have taken a few of Clinton’s techniques.


Thank you for saying this.


It seems like they are just less special than non-Hispanic Catholics.


Which of Hillary’s technics has he copied?


Calling them liars, saying they are part of a conspiracy, or doing it for fame, the suggesting they weren’t good looking enough for him is pure Trump though.


Admitting he did it on tape and then calling the women that confirmed his own words were true liars is also pure Trump.

I’m surprised that Trump doesn’t disappear in a puff of logic when he talks.


So, who do you think is worse?


Hillary bad mouthed women Bill mistreated, Trump bad mouthed women he mistreated. One strike for HC two strikes for DT.


Did Trump miss treat them? Consensual? Did you see the mistreatment or only heard about it. I know Clinton’s paid Broderick a ton of money to go away. That was proof enough for me.


Sounds like you have two different sets of criterion to determine guilt. You only need to hear that Clinton paid a woman a ton of money to go away and you believe that she was telling the truth about abuse (I believe she was telling the truth). Trump admits it himself on camera and women say that he was telling the truth but you need to actually see Trump touch a woman’s vagina without consent in order to believe it? It’s an odd way to judge things to say the least.


well, I am a college educated white woman and many of my friends are too and we are all voting Trump. so I am not sure how correct the multiple surveys are.


The reason I ask consensual is because Trump has had tons of money for years and years and has been in the public eye as a celebrity for as long and until a week ago no one has accused him of harassment filed a suit and made money off him. If they were filed he successfully defended himself. I am sure if they were filed we would have heard about it.

Now a tape where he brags about the sexual power of stardom to a b list talking head and the networks are holding auditions for another Anita Hill.


Nobody ever asks me and my friends either!


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