White Catholics: Swing Voters Redux?


A shift by white Catholics toward Hillary Clinton raises the question of whether this traditional swing-voting group may return to its previously decisive political role.

White Catholics who are registered to vote split 51-45 percent between Clinton and Donald Trump in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, reversing their preference – 54-35 percent, Trump-Clinton – in July.

Historically, white Catholics have been a key swing group in presidential elections, voting with the winner steadily in exit poll results from 1976 through 2004. But the group broke its streak in the last two contests, favoring John McCain over Barack Obama by 5 points, then Mitt Romney by 19, while Obama won.

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All it shows is that White Catholics lack any core principles and are as wishy washy about their beliefs in life as any other group.

Swings that large in a short span are ridiculous, and having anyone that fickle without any well thought out beliefs is scary for the country.


Lack any core principles? Like making sure that someone dangerous and unqualified for the presidency does not rise to the office?

Here is a former Reagan official, one of many Republicans who think the same:

“The Republican nominee for president has no government experience and has done nothing in his career to demonstrate that he is competent to be president,” Tuttle said in a statement. “He has made repeated misstatements and inaccurate statements. He has insulted minorities, women, a war hero and Gold Star parents. He is unqualified and unfit to be president.* I have never voted for a Democrat but I will vote for Secretary Clinton.*"

Or this one from:
Dozens of Republicans to urge RNC to cut off funds for Trump

“Those recent outrages have built on his campaign of anger and exclusion, during which he has mocked and offended millions of voters, including the disabled, women, Muslims, immigrants, and minorities,” the letter states. “He also has shown dangerous authoritarian tendencies, including threats to ban an entire religion from entering the country, order the military to break the law by torturing prisoners, kill the families of suspected terrorists, track law-abiding Muslim citizens in databases, and use executive orders to implement other illegal and unconstitutional measures.”

And remember:
There is no Pro-Life Case for Donald Trump


Who said anything about Hillary or Trump?

A block of voters that is as indecisive as that large a swing indicates lacks core principles.

A voter who firmly supports either candidate clearly does have firm principles. Whether or not you agree with those principles is a separate matter, which is all your post highlights.


You are being entirely unfair to swing voters.

Neither the GOP or Democrat Party platforms align ideally with Catholic doctrine, so it is natural for faithful Catholics to have “weak” commitments to either party given the gulf between what the Church teaches and what society at large believes.

As a swing voter myself over in the UK, who has voted Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat in different elections, I cannot emphasise how wrong you are.

I have clear and coherent core principles - it just so happens that no major party matches them perfectly or desirably such that I can label my politics.



Or they have now started to really pay attention and did not like what they saw. Isn’t someone allowed to change their mind once they inform themselves better?


Yes. We are sinners and confused. Pray for us.


The mistake in your theory is that you make the huge presumption that the party has been the constant within your equation. That is a fallacy.

Both parties have been the instrument of big business. Sadly, that relationship only seems to be getting stronger. Just look at how jobs have shipped overseas, we don’t produce things any longer and the jobs remaining for middle class “white” folks require one to hold multiple positions to simply sustain themselves. Unfortunately, white Catholics are among those hits hard and are just seeking a message consistent with the ones they grew up believing; *that if you work hard, you can prosper in the good old U S of A.
Now to throw the abortion issue into the ring is a weak attempt to make citizens single issue voters - that is insulting. Even the Republican party only pays “lip-service” to the issue. Just look at how much attention that issue received within a dozen debates…less than ten minutes. Is this supposed to convince me or anyone else that we are standing behind a party that truly has conviction? Answer honestly….the party is very unstable.

Be consistent and vote your conscience, but never be a single issue voter. We just have too many issues that concern all of us…


How can you say the Republican Party only pays “lip service” when hundreds of abortion restrictions have been passed at the state level thanks in large part to Republicans? That isn’t “lip service” that is action. And what about the platforms of both parties? Look at this comparison of the platforms by Priests For Life: priestsforlife.org/candidates/2016-platform-comparison-web.pdf


I don’t mean to offend you; but look at the record.

Roe Vs. Wade has been the law of the land since 1973! If your state has passed legislation, you know that Federal decisions supersedes them. Therefore, the obvious solution is the need to overturn Roe Vs. Wade.

However, sitting around for an every four year cycle to select a Republican regardless of how poorly he addresses this and other issues is foolish. It is not impossible to overturn the decision, but that needs to start at a grassroots level. This is an area where Catholics need to reach out to other denominations in order to propagate the message regarding the sanctity of life…at all levels. Unfortunately, Catholics do a very poor job when it comes to evangelizing.

I stand behind my comment of Republicans giving “lip-service” to the issue. My example again were the Primary Debates. There were twelve debates lasting over two hours each. Yet, your candidates could only allocate less than ten minutes to the subject of abortion? If you remember, five of those minutes came in the Des Moines debate! That is a measure of conviction…

The reality is that the American people are tired of seeing charts and hearing speeches regarding how great the party is performing, when the reality is that everything is falling all around them. This election cycle is telling us that saying everything is great when it is not - will not work anymore.

This thinking has destroyed the party and you are witnessing the turmoil. Don’t blame liberals for this one…


The GOP is not the party that is saying how great things are. That would be the Democrats. Giving Hillary the presidency will only get us more of the same. Trump is not the candidate I would have preferred, but he obviously knows more about the economy that does Hillary who has never run a business. I her inability to tell the truth even on matters of little significance should worry any voter.


If I was a progressive atheist who hates traditional America and wants to end religious wars by promoting a socialist one-world government and reduce the world population growth by promoting alternative sexualitites to young people, I’d definitely vote for Hillary.

The Democrats are no longer the labor union party from 30 years ago. The majority of the country is still ignorant that democrat Obama had both a Democrat Senate majority and Democrat House majority in his first term yet failed to pass a bill that would raise taxes on billionaires!! They needed zero republican support, yet failed. What does that tell you? Democratic voters have been waiting for this for decades, yet nothing. Even HuffPo criticized Obama to no avail: huffingtonpost.com/gary-reber/economic-inequality-the-w_b_4627953.html But if the media doesn’t say it’s a fact, some people still won’t believe the congressional record.


You’re kidding…

Remember in the early part of the millennium when people were spending money like drunken sailors? Bush and his supporters were quick to tell us how under his administration, we were living within the “greatest prosperity of modern times”. However, the reality was that we did not have to GDP to justify such lavish spending. Worse, none of these “smart people” called out the housing market for the crises that it became. Of course, in the end, everyone was blaming everyone else. Yet both parties had no problem with helping out Wall Street.

I will have to confess that I liked Trump’s status as an outsider and I was telling people that…six months ago. I liked that he was open about giving money to both parties and has even admitted to giving money to Hillary in the past. However, there are just too many things that he has stated that would question his integrity as a leader.

My original point is that both parties are bad. I don’t dispute your claims. I am just saying that partisan politics hasn’t proven to be to the benefit of the American people. Yet, we still need you to vote and not be a single issue voter. There is just too much to reckon with to have such a narrow focus.


I really did go read the first link and all I saw were talking points from the Democrats. Now I had bee a Democrat most of my life but they have changed in the last 20 years. I mean really changed into a give away program. Now it’s all going to a global program. Are you happy with the way your money is being spent? Were you happy when those millions of dollars went overseas to fake US citizens for their tax refunds and the IRS couldn’t get the money back??? Were you happy with the IRS targeting groups–any groups for extra scrutiny because of being liberal or conservative and dear Lois pleading the 5th? and NOTHING is going on over at the IRS says our pres?but they give her another job in another department??? Are you happy with the way the country is heading where you can’t trust the leaders to tell you the truth because they think you are too ignorant to understand? These are REAL issues. I’m not making them up. I will find links if you want… P.S. Hill is for abortion–woman’s choice to terminate her child and tax payer paying for it…


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