White House announces support for women in military draft


WASHINGTON (AP) - The Obama administration declared its support Thursday for requiring women to register for the military draft, a symbolic but significant shift that reflects the U.S. military’s evolution from a male-dominated force to one seeking to incorporate women at all levels.

President Barack Obama has been considering whether to adopt the position since last December, when Defense Secretary Ash Carter ordered the military to open all jobs to women, including the most arduous combat posts. Ned Price, a spokesman for the White House’s National Security Council, said Obama believes women have “proven their mettle,” including in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“As old barriers for military service are being removed, the administration supports - as a logical next step - women registering for the Selective Service,” Price said, using the formal name for the military draft.

The White House emphasized that the administration remains committed to an all-volunteer military - meaning women, like men, wouldn’t be forced to serve unless there were a national emergency like a major world war. Changing the policy would require an act of Congress, and there are no signs that lawmakers plan to move swiftly to alter the law.



If we are going to have a draft, there is no reason women should be exempted. My uncle was drafted and he drove a truck. There is no reason a woman couldn’t do that.


A military draft for women is the natural outcome of the modern secular religion mixing partisan notions of forced equality with the feminist clap trap of historical oppression.

End result, your daughter will be trained to kill people and sent to foreign countries if the government deems it desirable.

We are definitely back in pagan Rome.


I do AGREE with making women sign up with Selective Service/Draft. I NEVER thought it was right that a woman could become a member of the military but NOT be forced to join during time of war. I ALWAYS felt that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.


Where is it in Catholic teaching that it is fine to train sons to kill people but not daughters?


This is not a good idea. What happens if there is a large scale war and the draft is brought back? The only people left here will be old people and children. Also, what happens if a woman is with child and gets drafted?


Food for thought.

Archbishop O’Brien

Archbishop Edwin O’Brien of the Archdiocese of the Military Services, USA, said he is unaware of any specific Catholic teaching regarding women’s role in the military.

“The Church’s instinct will favor whatever will protect the dignity and rights of the individual human beings,” he said. “The general rule in moral theology is not to automatically categorize. Women should not be penalized or pre judged where they show themselves equally capable.”

That said, Archbishop O’Brien added, “I don’t think our experience as a country, as a culture, has seen an identical role for women in the work force, and especially in the military.

Women in combat would not be in the framework of that culture. The idea of forcing a draft on women is not just unjust but a great disservice to our country and a step backwards for our culture.”

Archbishop O’Brien said the military should reconsider its “come one, come all as long as you’re 18” policy, and respond instead to the full dignity of men and especially of women, who often have abortions or defer having children altogether to pursue military careers.

Women should be encouraged to think long and hard before enlisting, the archbishop continued. He has seen so many struggle under “tremendous strain” when they are posted abroad without their children for lengthy absences. “What does that do to the children?” he asked.

Marriages are strained too, and the military is put in a difficult position to accommodate women and their children. Concluded the Archbishop: “We also have to consider what is best for the strength of the future of our family here.”



I don’t think the Romans required females to serve in the legions, even at the end.

Still, if the Israelis can do it, so can we.



St Joan of Arc should be an inspiration for all women in the military.


Looks like a man can’t claim transgendered status as the reason he can’t be drafted in the military. I think this is the real driver behind moving forward with this. It would be too easy to say one identifies as a woman, therefore can’t be drafted. The law probably says something to the effect that only men can be drafted rather than only biological men.


Just because it’s logically consistent with feminism doesn’t mean it’s right. I don’t see how this is friendly to a woman’s ability or desire to have children at certain times. Heh, it infringes on reproductive freedom in a way more burdensome than on a man. Look, I come from a military family. I know there are many good things about it. I don’t mind things like boot camp and all that, or a lot of the training. I think it’s actually good to know how to use weapons safely. Heck, I have intentions of martial arts training for my kids. Ultimately, I most certainly do have a problem with any daughters I may have being systematically trained to kill, more so than sons, or the problems of possible pregnancies during duty.

As for Joan of Arc, which I intend to use as a namesake if I ever get the chance, she received respect for her courage and divine appointment, but a lot of military life is very crude, and could certainly have a coarsening effect. Can you imagine a woman nowadays taking the other soldiers to task for foul language, like Joan of Arc did?


Absolute rubbish. We are already too deeply involved in global military adventures. A larger pool of warm bodies to feed the meat grinder will only encourage the globalist warmongers. Comparisons to Israel are not relevant because we are not a small country surrounded by larger enemies posing an existential threat.


I think you’ve missed the point.

The religion of political correctness is dominating the framework for how we are supposed to organise society and our families.

Let me turn it around. The need for war is a reluctant part of reality that Christendom has had to face over the centuries. Popes even had armies sourced from fighting men. They have asked for rulers to raise armies of fighting men for defense of Christendom. Show me the Christian historical culture which would demand women be forced to present themselves to secular powers to be involved in organised combatant warfare


I’d assume the draft board could excuse people for hardships, as they did the last time there was a draft.

When we last has a draft, everyone had to register and if you were called to report you might be excused for a hardship on a case-by-case basis.


Personally, I’d like to see the draft registration go away. It is just a way to get the names and addresses of all males. Plus the armed services aren’t in favor of drafting people.

That being said, if we are going to have a draft registration, everyone over the age of 18 should be part of it. No age restrictions, no gender restrictions, no disability restrictions. After all, it is just a list of potential warm bodies.


Personally, I think it is just another sign of the civilization decline.

The purpose of a warrior is to make war and that means killing and breaking things. It is expected that the warrior may die in this endeavor and the warriors memory will be honored in payment for the sacrifice. However, the whole purpose of the exorcise is to allow the people left behind to thrive and procreate so the government and the society can go on into the future. To do this you don’t need a whole bunch of males but you do need females. Putting your female on the line, to be butchered, is not a vote for posterity. It is an act of desperation.

If the girls are so hot to trot to get butchered have at it. But, I bet if the draft was restarted and the blood was flowing like rivers as it did a century ago the girls would be howling how bad this idea is.


I oppose conscription of anyone. Conscription is just a form of slavery, an institution that will never go away. That being said, if you are going to enfranchise women so they can vote to send men to war then they should also be sent, and with just as dangerous assignments. I don’t think it is an accident that we have experienced massive world wars and endless military misadventures after enfranchisement.



I am opposed to the draft of both men and women. For national emergencies where the enemy has landed on our shores.


I am sure she would be exempted. People were excluded for all kinds of reasons in the past- including having flat feel.


Such should not happen.

And thankfully with the new President etc coming in - will not happen.

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