White House Considers Draft Order to Look Into Google, Facebook


The White House is considering a draft executive order for President Donald Trump that would instruct federal antitrust and law enforcement agencies to open probes into the practices of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc., and other social media companies.

Bloomberg News obtained a draft of the order, which a White House official said was in its early stages and hasn’t been run past other government agencies. Separately, Lindsey Walters, deputy White House press secretary, said in an emailed statement that the document isn’t the result of an official White House policy making process.

Wonder if they will include twitter…

Change your computer from Google to DuckDuckGo.

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Likewise. I think the actual order doesnt contain the name of any companies. A later article said that some aides at the White House dont think it will go far because of lack of a clear definition or criteria for bias and the lack of applicable laws.

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Not that this in any way constitutes a report of statistical significance, but I asked some contacts of mine about switching from what ever their preferred search engine happens to be. Their preferences in search appear totally apolitical. A couple of people prefer Bing for most of their searches because they accumulate reward points. They will however use Google when Bing doesn’t return the results that they need. For another contact her preference was Google because she likes the Chrome browser. Yes, she knows that you can use any search engine in Chrome. But she likes Chrome and prefers to leave the settings as are. Another person I know prefers Google results but doesn’t like being tracked. So she does her searches in Incognito mode (along with most of her other browsing).

Try it and see how the search results differ … which they do differ.

Why would I want different results? I’ve been successful with my searches this weekend; finding the obscure details of the default EDJE templates in Tizen, getting directions on how to get to the airport, and finding the protocol used by this NES controller so that I can wire it into something else.

You might be MORE successful.

uhm, okay. You sure are posting that on a lot of threads.

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