White House: Obama Will Not Attend Justice Scalia's Funeral


Thanks. When the man who played Franz Sanchez in “License to Kill” and Jake Fratelli in “The Goonies” speaks, I listen. Love Robert Davi.


But fact checking is hard and complaining about the president is easy!

Seriously though, this thread is hysterical. There is no precedent for Obama to be there, especially if Biden is going. But people still complain because it’s Obama.

Imagine if he did go! Could you see the complaints around here about how disgusting and hypocritical it is of him to attend a Catholic funeral of someone so ideologically opposed to him? Especially since there’s no precedent to be there?

Seriously, not everything has to be politicized. Especially not a SCOTUS Justice’s death. Using his death to bash the president over a nonexistent off the wall “micro aggression” :rolleyes: is disrespectful to everyone. Outside of penning opinions and giving the occasional speech, Nino wasn’t even as divisive as he wanted his persona to seem.

RIP Justice Scalia. You’ve forever left your mark on American law, changed the way people think about every issue from sex to sausage, and left volumes of entertaining and enlightening legal opinions that will shape lawyers, judges, and the course of history for centuries.


What happened to “The problem is that President Obama has a controversial history of choosing and prioritizing company. That’s why this can’t be brushed off so easily with claims of ‘he’s golfing to honor Scalia’ or ‘Biden really wanted to go instead’”?

(Just to be clear, it honestly wouldn’t matter to me if he didn’t attend the funeral of any justice, so long as the VP attended in his absence.)


While not surprised he isn’t going, I’m not going to complain about it. I was worried that the President would try to take Communion and abuse the Lord. It’s bad enough that Biden will abuse Him.


I don’t think it’s just this forum, nor do I think it is all conservatives. I am on the conservative side of the spectrum, I really liked Scalia, and I don’t like Obama. But I have a hard time getting worked up about this. :shrug:

The same thing happened with Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. Obama didn’t attend that and all these news stories pop up about Obama snubbing the British. For some reason, some people are super interested in which funerals Obama chooses to personally attend.

There’s plenty of legitimate things over which to criticize Obama. This doesn’t really rank up there.


I don’t see why this is a problem. The VP, who is Catholic , is going. It is not uncommon for a President not attend the funeral of a SC Justice.


I don’t particularly care for our current president.

If I were on the Supreme Court and died while he was in office, I actually WOULDN’T want him anywhere near my funeral or my family. The same goes for Mr. Biden.

But that’s just me…


Do you think the celebrant will recognize Biden and still offer him the Eucharist?


This is something that I find interesting…

I know that the Eucharist should only be taken by those who are in a state of grace (I try to go to confession bi-weekly), but who is TRULY being harmed should Biden receive the Body and Blood of Christ?

The answer is Biden. Only he and he alone is responsible for the care of his immortal soul. And if he refuses to abide by 1 Cor. 11:27-29; that is on him, I think.


I would hope so. Biden’s worthiness to receive communion is between him,God and his confessor.


Yes and Yes.

In fact, if a priest actually attempted to abide by Canon 915, he would most likely be punished swiftly for doing so.

Can. 915 Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.


Not at all. He persists in public, manifest, grave sin. As such, it is a violation of Canon 915 to administer Communion to him. It causes grave scandal and harms Mr. Biden.


It also insults and harms Christ. He makes Himself available to us in a completely helpless manner, similar to His birth as a baby. He puts His trust into us to care properly for Him. Allowing manifest, public grave sinners to receive is an insult to Christ and sinful.


Based on my search of past CAF political polling, I’d say the range is no less than about 2:1 with 2/3 slanting one way. And with a whopping 16% voting for Obama the last time.


Yet yes here is another with the Democrat receiving 21%. 5% more than Obama did on CAF. So I guess if that is your idea of a decent amount.


And only about half who think abortion should be illegal at the same time think global warming is not a problem. So on global warming there at least seems a divide.



The President is attending the ceremony at the Supreme Court, and the VP is attending the funeral Mass. That seems reasonable.


Yes. Tempest in a teapot. Really not a big deal. It’s not as if there’s been a hard and fast rule, or that this is unprecedented. He’ll pay his respects at the lying in state in the Great Hall.


More than reasonable. And the POTUS is being accompanied by the FLOTUS is my understanding. Nothing wrong with what they are doing. It’s not at all unusual for people to sometimes attend a wake for example to pay respects but then not attend the actual funeral. It in no way means they didn’t respect and honor the deceased. This is nothing more than politics on the part of some of the Obama opposition who don’t like him. If the guy ate a hot fudge sundae, someone would probably criticize him for not eating strawberry. :smiley:


It is amusing how the White House “fact checker” had to update his “fact check” and apologize (to Krauthammer) because he himself didn’t have all the facts.


As to the OP, I don’t really care.



I think it’s fine, he made his distain for the supreme court obvious in the past. I’d rather he not go at all, since I know it would be a completely insincere gesture to attend.


While I am not a BlueEyedLady fan, I have to admit - you hit this one out of the park.

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