White House Official: Border Crisis Is Not Obama’s ‘Katrina Moment’


WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — A White House official says that the humanitarian crisis taking place at the U.S.-Mexico border is not President Barack Obama’s “Katrina moment.”

“I think it doesn’t make sense to compare this to a natural disaster. This is a humanitarian situation that we have been on top of from the very beginning,” Cecilia Munoz, the White House Domestic Policy Council director, told MSNBC Wednesday. “It involves the entire federal government, it involves our partners in Central America who have acknowledged that we all share a responsibility to make sure we stop this situation before it starts.”


After all what can possibly be more important that having dinner with the Producer of “Machete”


Bush was pilloried for not going immediately, despite him having good intentions in staying away. One can debate whether he should or shouldnt have gone, but one cannot debate his intentions.

Obama is blowing off the crisis in order to fundraise. Despicable.

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Really, is anyone surprised by this?

ETA: He’s also shooting pool:




Representative Henry Cuellar (D., Texas) hasn’t been shy about speaking out against the Obama administration’s handling of the border crisis, and that apparently earned him a phone call from the someone at the White House.

“Yes, I have,” Cuellar said on Fox & Friends on Wednesday when asked if he had received a talking-to. “But let me just say that I’m more concerned not about who gets angry at me at the White House; I’m more concerned about my constituents who want to find a practical solution to this question that we’re facing down there at the border.”

“Who called you?” host Brian Kilmeade asked.

“We’ll just leave it like that,” Cuellar responded.

“Did they tell you to pipe down?” Kilmeade pressed again.

“We’ll just leave it like that,” the congressman repeated. “But notice what I’m doing: I’m still talking about it.”


He just met with the Governor of Texas about this… He has also asked for additional funding from Congress to address the issue and been rebuffed by the Republican house… I don’t see how the President is blowing off the crisis.


The last I knew, Obama was seeking about 3.5 billion dollars to maintain the recent illegal immigrants and hire hundreds of lawyers whose job it will be to keep them here, along with judges and bureaucrats of various sorts to undertake the process. Essentially, that’s simply an endorsement of de facto amnesty for them and for perhaps hundreds of thousands more to come.

It is also my impression that a number of Democrats in Congress are uneasy about it as well. I guess the news sources will develop all of that for us pretty soon.

I am also under the impression that the House, at least, wants to fast track deportation so the whole process is not simply turned into a very expensive and lengthy amnesty program.


Where do you deport the children to?


The request also included funding to increase border patrol staffing. And the lawyers aren’t his idea. He’s legally mandated to provide them and to ensure each child detained gets a hearing and representation. This is required by a bill that President Bush signed in 2008 to combat child trafficking.


I’m hesitant to get too excited here, but I think you and I may actually agree on at least a few aspects of this issue… I hope it’s true! I just don’t see any way we can morally justify sending these children back to the sending countries… They left there for a reason, and it’s not about jobs… at least not their jobs. It’s about unstable governments that are unnable to enforce the laws. These children are abused, taken advantage of, and even enslaved on occasion. I don’t think any parent here can imagine voluntarily sending their child to a different country with little hope of ever seeing them again. It’s hard to imagine circumstances in which a loving parent would do that… but it’s happening in large numbers. It must be absolutely horrible there.


“It’s for the children” has been the rallying- cry for all kinds of mischief, overreach, and abuse of authority this administration has gotten up to, from criminalizing cupcakes at school to Obamacare. The current border crisis is just the latest and most dramatic example, tailor-made for the administration to hide behind. Is anyone wondering why only Democrat politicians are being allowed to visit the camps, and why the Border Patrol has been put under a gag order? As far as I’m concerned, the last 6 years have been Obama’s “Katrina moment.”


I heard a great homily from a Franciscan Friar who serves the poor in Guaymas, Mexico.

The Franciscans (part of the Santa Barbara Province) operate a center in Guaymas to feed, minister to, evangelize, assist the local poor, as well as transients from Central America, heading north who stop in that region.

The Father noted that what drives Mexican and Central Americans to immigrate (yes, illegally) is utter and complete desperation. He claimed, and it made sense to me, that nobody wants to leave familiar surroundings, home, and family, unless they are desperate.

So, the Franciscans, with food banks, meals on wheels, health care, feel if they can help people where they are, they are more likely to stay put…and side benefit of their service to the poor (and service to Christ).

So, while we debate the political merits of this situation, and blame one administration, political party, or another, I am asking you to join me in contributing to this cause, so that our focus remains on the human aspect of this crisis, our neighbors, our brothers and sisters, as Christ command us.

Please check out the link, and if you cannot contribute financially, please offer your prayers for these, the marginal and the poor who Christ loved so much.


Peace and all Good!


Yes, Heaven forbid that Obama actually wants to help innocent children who are in dire need.

For some people aka most Republicans, Obama can do NO RIGHT, never, ever. And the current GOP has said from the beginning they will (or would) make Obama being a one term President their sole goal. Also, they would continue to oppose EVERYTHING Obama is for.

And please, don’t get me started on the Iraq war and GW Bush.


Wherever they came from. :shrug:


The Obama administration does not get to choose the way that they are perceived by the nation or by history. I don’t imagine Bush wants to be permanently associated with the failures during Katrina. The judgment of history can’t be controlled by the actors involved. Eventually the truth comes out one way or the other. Obama will just have to grin and bear it. :shrug:


Violent gang members found to be among the children.



16 of them… What implications do you suggest this has on how we should treat the rest of them?


We can’t deport them. The president is obligated under the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act to provide appropriate housing facilities, legal representation, and a hearing before an imigration judge before deporting them.



“[T]he law was passed in ’08 – yes in the Bush administration, yes unanimously,” Krauthammer said. “But it was intend for sex trafficking. It was intended for small numbers of kids and it made a lot of sense. It was never intended for a mass influx, a mass immigration.


** President Obama has used Executive Order countless times in his administration and could use it here if he wanted to.**

It’s interesting, I read up on what Hillary Clinton is even saying and I don’t want to say something misleading about what she said but it definitely did not sound good for these immigrants.

Also, back to Obama, okay, if we had a secured lawful border, I can buy this crisis comes out but in truth, it seems Washington DC and as a whole has not acted constructively towards the border.

Gov. Perry didn’t shake Obama’s hand today. I will listen to what the Border Governors are saying about this, not just whatever Obama’s plight is and why he can’t do anything, he doesn’t want to, he may well be trying to aggravate the situation for his own means.


The President has “a phone and a pen.” And a willingness to make up laws when he sees fit, or ignore them as well. He can do whatever he wants. I doubt he will, but to act as though he can’t legally do something when he has shwon he cares little for the rule of law is not being realistic.



For those that need to make political hay out of this one. Yes maybe there might be a few “undeserving” people within this group, but we have taken in political and economic refugees over the centuries and under all sorts of administrations… Get over it and either help or pick a different political football to fight over while letting the Immigration process do its job. This is unbecoming the Christianity you suppose to represent by coming here.

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