White House praises Israeli decision to ease Gaza blockade

The Obama administration praised a decision by the government of Israel on Sunday to relax their military blockade on the port of Gaza.

After a late May engagement by the Israeli military to prevent a flotilla carrying supplies from entering gaza resulted in the deaths of nine, the Israeli cabinet voted to ease the blockade to allow most supplies through with the exception of military supplies.

“Today, the United States welcomes the new policy towards Gaza announced by the Government of Israel, which responds to the calls of many in the international community,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said in a statement. “Once implemented, we believe these arrangements should significantly improve conditions for Palestinians in Gaza, while preventing the entry of weapons.”

The decision comes before a planned visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with President Barack Obama in Washington on July 6th. That meeting is rescheduled from a planned visit in early June, which Netanyahu was forced to cancel after the flotilla incident.


The great pity is that it took the shooting to death of 9 innocent civilians by the IDF to glavanisze the international community to force Israel to do something.


Time will tell if it’s just game playing to ease international criticism on Israels part.

But as Blair said, ‘’…if you improve the lives of people in Gaza… I think you have got a far better of chance of creating peace,"

The courage, determination and bravery of all those involved with the humanitarian flotilla that made the world wake is to be commended.

:(And there are nine choirs of holy angels to rescue martyrs from this life that I thank God for. I really enjoy praying Mother Angelica’s Chaplet of St. Michael, but I wondered if anyone else has ever made a recorded version of it. He and Saints Gabriel and Raphael love those people and that land of so much beautiful history sooo much. I want to have hope for them no matter what. I did hear some awful things on a UCTV satellite network where it was stated by a student asking a question to an Israeli ambassador that, ‘now that the western part of Jerusalem has been ethnically cleansed of Christians, what will be their plans in the future.’ It seemed as if this ‘ambassador’ had planted people to stand up and interrupt or offer retorts that only tell the extremist zionist side, but I could really be mistaken. Please help this perplexed, but prayerful friend and brother of Our Faith here.:confused:

What I find hypocritical is that no one denounces the Egypt/Gaza blockade. Let alone see anti-Israel activists try to run through it or under it. They don’t dare, because certain death would await those that try their luck against Egypt.

And isn’t it convenient for Egypt to “ease up” on their border blockade when the worlds eye turns to Israel for events like Operation Cast Lead or the flotilla incident. It’s only when the media gets bored and goes somewhere else for awhile, Egypt tightens back up their blockade into Gaza.

Egypt has underground walls that go as far as 100 feet down to prevent smuggling tunnels. Egypt routinely collapse or flood out tunnels they discover with no regards for any Palestineans or “aid” that might be in them. In April, Hamas accused Eygpt of using poison gas in the tunnels, killing several Palestineans.

Will the international community galvanize over the Egypt/Gaza blockade?

I think you make a fair point.

Of course he does, and there is a glaring double standard. GOTS will give some lip sevice to “I also condemn Egypt’s blockade”, while continuing to call Israel an “apartheid state”.

Keep to the topic.

Rather than speaking for me, how about you start a thread on Egypt’s blockade and let me speak for myself on it.

Because it is.

You betcha. With unbiased phrases like “The courage, determination and bravery of all those involved with the humanitarian flotilla”, one ponders what your responses will be.

[quote=Guyonthestreet]Because it is.

Rather than take your bare assertion fallacy’s word for it, why not start a thread?

Previously, Israel had to search only those shipments of “necessities”. One can only use/consume so much in the way of “necessities”. Now that Israel has to search shipments of a lot more things; things that are much more elastic in their consumption, I wonder if Obama is going to help Israel pay the salaries of the additional Israelis who will now have to be employed to search through non-essential items.

Somehow, I have my doubts.

Of course not. Egypt is “third world” and “third world” countries can do what they want to do, because the majority of countries are exactly that, and western media people tend to have a sort of “elegant slumming” worship of the third world.

:(Personally, I just wish to God that I could see more programming like I had seen on LINK TV. I saw a beautifully bittersweet movie about the situations between, not so much the politics of the region, but the very heart of the people which is Jewish and Arab together. The movie was entitled ‘The Kite,’ and I think it is so telling in how so many of the young people over there feel. It exemplifies a sublime respect for the military, however it makes the suggestion in a way that is almost pleading to find a better way that people can work together. It is what I would refer to as an ‘artistic’ movie in the sense that you can truly see how the people who made this movie feel. It always seems throughout humanity’s history that in any conflict or difficulty in where we can only hope for civility, two camps wage antagonistic war while those who want nothing to do with it are caught in the middle and suffer more than anyone else. I look to Our Eternal Father often and I ask to feel the weight of the pain others go through in this way, and sometimes this happens. Even here in America, I cannot afford to travel abroad to even see for myself what the refugee’s lives are like and my friends and family would probably not want me to as it would cause alot of anger and sadness at my having left. Frankly, I don’t consider countries and nations as being more ‘worshipped’ than another due to their historical value. History is valuable, but people are priceless. That goes for Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and all of those nations where we cannot help but share a fascination with what we believe to be the places of humanity’s origin. I hope things will only get better even if this sad incident happened. May God Our Father abundantly bless all who may read here. +F+S+HS+:D

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