White House says it has issued update so that legal permanent residents no longer need waiver to enter US despite exec. order


White House says it has issued update so that legal permanent residents no longer need waiver to enter US despite exec. order



They should have worked all this out before the order was signed but it’s good they’ve got it all straightened out.


Ha! That’s what Trump said. They now have a more experienced person in charge of EO processing and rollout.


Personally I think it was by design. It feels like they are testing limits to see what they can get away with. They were very secretive about this and people that needed to know weren’t informed. I think it was a Trump tweet that he sent out after the airport protests. I can’t find it at the moment but he said something along the lines of how well the ban is working and said to look at the airports. That tells me that this is exactly what he wanted to happen.

ETA: I guess it wasn’t a tweet. Here’s an article with the quote

But Trump insisted his administration was “totally prepared” to carry out the refugee and travel ban, which affects more than 100 million people around the world.

“It’s working out very nicely,” he said. “You see it at the airports, you see it all over.”

from: Trump defends order: ‘It’s not a Muslim ban’


With Steve Bannon at his side I wouldn’t be surprised.


Since you’re apparently clairvoyant, can you give me the winning numbers of the Powerball for this coming weekend?


It’s good to see that President Trump and his administration *can *respond to public demonstrations of displeasure. It’s a hopeful sign.


:nun2: This actually seems reasonable, thank goodness!


I wouldn’t get too persuaded yet that creating public disturbances will cause Trump to do or not do anything.


This may be from criticism from within his own trusted circle.


Whatever the reason, I’m glad.


To begin with it is a non-issue that change nothing. Green card holders are already legally approved to be in the US. The protests over that was more like a deliberate attempt to destabilise the EO. Its purpose which was to stop people in those countries who do not have green cards (new applicants) from coming in temporarily until a better vetting process to be in place is unaffected.


I agree, I don’t think the protests had anything to do with this. The system just needed some time to work out the bugs, which it did.


Apparently you were not paying attention.


That sounds too conspiratorial. President Trump is a generous man.


How so? Green card holders were not included in the ban as they are legally approved.


In the planning there was some discussion; in the end, at the last minute, the White House ruled to include them: they could not enter without special review. On the ground, the process for this review was not clear, so they were detained and denied. A federal judge ordered that they must be allowed to consult with legal counsel. But that order was not obeyed.

Eventually the White House realized that this was a mistake - something it might have realized before the disruption by consulting DoJ in the customary way - and stepped away from the mistake “going forward”.


I find this is rather trivial but ok.

My point was if you are a green card holder you have been approved entrance legally.

The word is review, special review. I was thinking it was a matter of getting them questioned but nevertheless they would be allowed in. Pretty much the same outcome.

But ok there is the legal hurdle, a point of legalism. I accept that but still maintain it actually changes nothing. And what has the demonstration got to do with it?


It may change nothing “going forward” but it did change everything during the implementation.
And what will actually happen? Who knows, on another thread there was a lot of finger pointing to at green card holders as possible risks and sleepers.


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