White House says Obama wants Congress to invest in counter-terrorism fund


(Reuters) - President Barack Obama wants Congress to inject money into a counter-terrorism fund to train and equip partners in other countries to fight extremists, an initiative that would be a core component of his plan to address Islamic State fighters, the White House said on Monday.

Obama believes he currently has the authority he needs to address the threat Islamic State poses to American citizens, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

But if Obama decided to expand the scope of military operations in Iraq and Syria, he would make a determination at that point on whether he would need additional congressional authorization, Earnest said.



Very strange. Both members of friendly foreign police departments and militaries come to the US for training already. And we send police officers to other countries.




A great deal of the cost of the ‘Sunni Awakening’ during the surge in Iraq went to bribes to get Sunni militias fighting al-Qaeda in Iraq. My guess is they are telling Obama’s administration that if we want their help in fighting al-Qaeda in Iraq (now named IS) again, then we need to pay them again.


Oh yes. I forgot.



Obama should waste his own personal money on his hair-brained ideas for community organizing! His political campaigning is his legacy!


Let’s see. Wasn’t Amb Stevens trying to buy weapons in Libya to ship to “freedom fighters” in Syria? And didn’t those weapons help arm ISIS?

And didn’t he give money and arms to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?

And didn’t Congress give him nearly a trillion dollars to fund “shovel-ready” jobs, only to see it go to political supporters and create no jobs?

The trouble with this isn’t that the idea itself is no good. The trouble is that putting money into Obama’s hands never quite seems to get where it would do any good for this country.

Who, exactly, is Obama trying to hire with this? He could have been sending weapons long ago to the Kurds and to Ukraine, but didn’t do it.

My goodness, it would not surprise me in the least bit if he didn’t take taxpayer money that ended up in the hands of Iran. Not in the least bit.

But this could also be another “sucker deal” for congress. Vote money on the premise that it will be used well. It doesn’t, so he asks for more. It doesn’t. So he asks for more, and congress finally balks. He then blames congress for “losing the Middle East”. He does things like that.


Isn’t it great to have the most “open and transparent” administration evvvverrrr! ;):wink:


Counter-terrorism really needed to be an on-going program from the very beginning. Finally taking terrorism seriously six years into his presidency, in reaction to world events and to falling numbers at the polls as well, is the same thing as being asleep at the wheel.

An effective president would have built upon the one big success of the previous president. Bribing the Iraq Sunni leaders into cooperating was the main reason the surge had worked. The counter-terrorism networks were already there.
But America under Obama just walked away from those networks.

Building counter-terrorist networks is not particularly expensive work. It is sleazy, skuzzy, unsavoury, dangerous work, and it involves maintaining a presence to build up personal ties with rather amoral tribal leaders who are not motivated by principles but by pay-offs.

It is the kind of work that really needed to have been on-going for six years, rather than selling the story that the war has already been won.


The problem in my mind is Obama doesn’t accept terrorism as Islamic. Its a short sight and dualism is what needs to be addressed.

The bottom line is that it exists in many religious areas. However, today its a major issue in Islam.

And if we don’t address this it will grow in Christianity in the states also. Its narrow minded thinking which leaves no tolerance as we see today with Islam.


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