White House To Tweak Birth Control Coverage Rule For Nonprofits


White House To Tweak Birth Control Coverage Rule For Nonprofits


It’s from Huffington Post, but I think many here will like the news in the article nonetheless.

"WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is developing a new accommodation for religious nonprofit organizations that want to opt out of covering contraception in their health plans without having to fill out a form, according to a brief the Department of Justice filed on Tuesday in the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The move follows the Supreme Court’s recent decision granting a temporary injunction to Wheaton College, an evangelical Protestant school in Illinois that is suing the administration over the contraception coverage rule. The Affordable Care Act requires all for-profit employers to cover contraception in their health plans at no cost to their employees, but contains a special accommodation for religiously affiliated nonprofits, such as schools and hospitals."


It is very big of Mr. Obama to think that he can “tweak” the Constitution, isn’t it?


It’s just a sneaky way to get the cases of the Little Sisters of the Poor and Wheaton College sent back to square one since the rule they are arguing against won’t exist any more. :mad:


I think they tried that one other time and the judge didn’t let it fly. Hopefully, the courts won’t let him get away with minor tweaks that don’t make any real changes every time he loses in court.


What’ll they think of next?

Oh I just thought of it: Headline reads “Obama Outlaws Christianity With Executive Order!”



Sadly, there is probably much truth to this hypothesis.


Yep. The problem is, as Obama has said, Obamacare is the law of the land.

How exactly is he going to tweak it? Doesn’t changing it require a new law? Or does Obama just write new laws as he needs them?

Maybe someone can explain separation of powers to him?


I think the SCOTUS has done that like, how many times?? For a Harvard lawyer he doesn’t comprehend the rule of law very well.


He can’t change the law itself. What he is changing is the administrative regulations, which affect how the law is implimented.


I know that is what OBama is telling the public about his executive orders but the Supreme Court does not agree with his claims. They, in many instances, claim that he is violating the separation of powers by literally changing the law. There are several other law suits against the administration for this very problem.


No, he is changing the law. Or at least he is trying to.


No, he’s not actually changing the law, which is already been set. He certainly isn’t following the law and trying to add things that aren’t there. But, he is limited to Executive Orders and Administrative Regulations. He uses both of those rather creatively (not to mention illegally in some cases)


I agree that he’s not following the laws as written and in some cases making stuff up, but he’s powerless to change legislatively enacted law.


I know legally he cannot change any law by executive fiat but I would not say he is powerless. Until someone calls him out on it, his changes seem to go into effect regardless of how laws are worded.


I think maybe you misunderstand what I’m saying. The law as passed by Congress will not change regardless what Obama does. That is set in stone until the legislature makes a change. But, like with any law, he can choose to ignore it or create admin regs or executive orders to his little hearts desire that contradict what is in the law or change its effect on us. He can not amend legislation. In that he is powerless.


What is the difference? If congress passed a law that he signed, how can he come back a year later with an executive order that changes the way it is to be implimented? It is one thing if he would have signed an executive order when he signed the ACA, but it is a year later and the bill has been implimented. He is essentially writing new law. At this point, whether you call it an executive order or a legislative act is just semantics. It makes no difference whether congress passes a bill or not, because Obama will just sign an executive order doing it himself.


It’s not just semantics. Legislation doesn’t have the shelf life of the president. It is also much easier to get regulations changed than it is to get legislation changed.


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