White House wants to add new racial category for Middle Eastern people



**WASHINGTON — The White House is putting forward a proposal to add a new racial category for people from the Middle East and North Africa under what would be the biggest realignment of federal racial definitions in decades.

If approved, the new designation could appear on census forms in 2020 and could have far-reaching implications for racial identity, anti-discrimination laws and health research.**

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I’m curious. Does creating a new race have anything to do with the forthcoming flood of refugees into America? Or is this just coincidence?


It might be because of anticipated growth in racism towards such people, regardless of the numbers of refugees there are a lot of middle eastern people in America. Given the small numbers America have agreed to take, I seriously doubt the “flood” of refugees will even be noticed unless it gains media attention.


Hard to say, it could be a genuine attempt to further help people, as the politicians seen. I’ve read too that people of different racial categories can qualify for government benefits. It can be helpful in gaining votes. Hard to say of course.


I think labeling does far more damage and causes more racism than not labeling.

Furthermore, Middle Eastern and North African people, while not European, are still Caucasians.

The govt should want to focus on what we have in common, not further divide people by placing a label on them.

In my opinion, the Hispanic label has done more damage in the US than it has helped.


Could not agree more. Our national motto used to be “E pluribus unum” - “from many, one.” Politicians today want to emphasize differences, slice and dice the electorate into separate interest groups that can be pandered to in order to increase political power.


I guess the objective is to create a new “protected class” consisting in Muslims. Middle Eastern people who are not Muslims are all over this country and don’t face discrimination. Look at all the Lebanese and Armenians in this country. They’re not a “special category” in any meaningful way. Who, for example, thinks Cher or Andre Agassi somehow are victims of discrimination? How is General Anthony Zinni being persecuted? Joseph Aboud? How many people even know they are of Middle Eastern origin? Or care?

No, it’s not for anybody at all from the Middle East. It’s to create a special protected class for Muslims as they come pouring into this country.


You would think…but it’s not always the case.

There are many people out there who assume all middle easterners are Muslims, many who belief Indians are muslims, I have many Iraqi Catholic friends who would strongly disagree…I even know of Italian Americans who were treated with contempt because someone assumed the dark skin, hair and eye made them a middle easterner and a muslim.


So Obama wants to divide us even further by race.

The motto was about from many states one new, federal government. Folks used to think more of themselves as being from a state. And the United States was considered a plurality. So you’d say ‘the United States are’ rather than ‘the United States is’. I’d agree that politicians want to divide people for political benefit, but that has been true since the beginning of politics.


When will the Emperor realise he has no clothes?


I would say that 100,000 people per year qualifies as a flood. :shrug:

That’s a large group of people taken as a whole, though it’s miniscule percentage-wise.


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I think the government should help people based on need, not their nationality. Also, whenever it can, government should help people to help themselves.

When I apply for a job or fill out a survey, I don’t like having to check “Caucasian”. Just judge me on my merits.


Frequently it’s just for statistical data. And I’ve never filled out a form that didn’t include a box labeled “prefer not to answer.” :shrug:


That isn’t specifically Syrian refugees, but you have a point. I did not know the numbers wer e that high at all. Good to see Soros doing something good for a change, instead of funding the Repeal the Eighth movement in Ireland for example.


Maybe southern California is an even stranger place than I imagined, but around here, anyway, nobody assumes Italians are Muslims. Nobody thinks Mexicans or Central Americans are.

Nor do people assume Lebanese or Armenians are Muslims.

But women wearing the hijab? Yes.

In any event, nobody is proposing that Italians or Sikhs get special status in this country. Christians from the middle East doubtfully even want it. This proposal is simply to give Muslims a special status so they can sue people and government and get preferences in jobs and education.


When this administration says 100,000, they mean a million. But since no fewer than 10% of them will be jihadis, even 100,000 is a lot.


Don’t be ridiculous.


What do you mean when you say “Middle Eastern and North African people, while not European, are still Caucasians”? Do you mean that their ancestors came from the Caucasus region, or that they have light skin pigmentation? Neither is true for many people in the Middle East and North Africa. Many people I’ve seen from this region have a very dark complexion which is in no way distinguishable from many people in the US who consider themselves black. Many Middle Eastern friends of mine in the US consider themselves to be people of color.

And of course the word “Hispanic” is only a cultural designation since some people who call themselves Hispanic have a European background from Spain whereas others, although they speak Spanish, have a lot of Native American heritage.


I’m curious - how does one legally define a person as being a particular race?

A challenge - define the following federally-recognized “races” in objective terms:

*]Black/African American
*]Native American


I was a census taker in 2000, and it wasn’t my job to decide what race someone was. At least for the US census, it was completely a matter of self definition. I just marked the census form with whatever race someone presented themselves to be. There was nothing scientific about it and no one had to prove that they had Native American or Sub-Saharan African ancestors.

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