White liberalism is dying


The protests liberals whipped up against Kavanaugh this weekend, on the other hand, revealed too much about their own weakness. Washington, D.C. is a majority Democratic city with a black majority. But the Democratic voters out there yelling about Kavanaugh were as white as any country club gathering of Republicans. They looked like a line of Starbucks patrons — Caucasian, professional, largely millennial, with earth tones and earnest expressions aplenty. Men and women wore the same fashionable glasses and more or less the same clothes. It was a Pumpkin Spice Riot.

Best description of the anti-Kavanaugh mob.


Conservatism under Trump, on the other hand, is flourishing, winning big victories first on taxes and now with Kavanaugh.


While justice, integrity and honor are casualties.


Not from this Kavanugh nomination. Trump and Kavanaugh did an excellent job of not backing down on the face bullies. Brett was an awesome teacher to his young daughters. He showed them that it’s not easy to do the right thing. It would have been easy to withdraw, but that would have resulted in rewarding bullies.


Watching Justice Kavanaugh being sworn in last evening,I really was touched by President Trumps’ apology on behaff of this country for what JK and his family have endured.
I especially was touched by his looking at JK daughters and stating to them what a good and honorable father they have.Trump is really doing a great job.:raised_hands:


It is possible that Ford was telling the truth and Kavanaugh was lying just like any other man of power would do in this situation. But that is a discussion that could be endless. I was just sorry to see her dismissed so easily.

None of Ford’s contentions stood up.


It’s interesting how two people can watch the same event and see two entirely different things. I will leave it at that.


I think demanding that accusers actually provide evidence for their accusations is just a tool the Patriarchy uses to keep woman down…Kavanaugh should have been dismissed if only to reward Ford for being brave enough to speak truth to power.

Ford didn’t know when she made the accusations that other corroborating information would not be found. That’s why she requested an FBI investigation before she testified. A more thorough investigation than the one that finally took place might have brought up more information. She is not at fault for making the accusations if she honestly believed that Kavanaugh had assaulted her.

It’s really funny that Ford, a tenured professor of clinical psychology at a major American University has managed to convince ostensibly intelligent people that she is some naive, fragile flower, unfamiliar with the ways of the world.


I’ve never been under the impression that she’s a naïve, fragile flower who is unfamiliar with the ways of the world. Do you consider all people who speak out about having been sexually assaulted to be “naïve, fragile flowers”?

I guess you missed the whole “baby voice” she affected for her testimony.

Why would you ask that?


I think the whole issue was irrelevant to the question at hand. As a mature adult, he has a stellar record in how he treats women and how he does his job. Not one of his ex girlfriends or female clerks added to or even supported the likelihood of the allegations being true.

Contrast this with any of the other #MeToo abusers, they all have a pattern of abuse as adults. Franken was a serial groper and both Cosby and Weinstein were serial rapists. Even Charlie Rose showed a pattern of improper behavior as a very mature adult.


You add Joe Biden:

If he runs and wins the nomination how will he ditch this image?


I think most people, especially outside the US, did not look deeply into what Ford does for a living now. I remain unconvinced by Ford myself, at best I would have wanted a great deal more proof than a sudden series of accusations made (rather conveniently) at a time when the gent she was accusing waso n the verge of possibly assuming a role of national significance. Using sexual scandals to smear political opponents is a very old political trick beloved of political parties of all types. I am ambiguous about this whole mess and the way it suddenly arose from nowhere conveniently.


Would the protestors have had more of a point if they had been more diverse racially and age-wise? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this rhetoric deployed by progressives to dismiss conservative arguments and it’s a fallacy, I tells ya.


Ford is quite free to go file charges or a lawsuit against Kavanaugh if she wishes to have a further day in court.


I guess that this “baby voice” you mention must have been missed by half the country. Either you just imagined it or you’re much more perceptive than most people.

And Mr. Kavanaugh put on quite a performance. I’m surprised you didn’t see that.

A lot of these “lies” come down to whether he drank a lot in high school or whether he drank a whole lot. I don’t know why anybody cares about such trivia, but whatever gets you up in the morning…

I’m roughly the same age as Kavanaugh and, like him, grew up in the DC suburbs. From my experience, I find it a lot more plausible that Kavanaugh and his friends were playing drinking games rather than engaging in group sex in their late teen years, but I can only speak to my experience.

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