White Ohio woman sues over sperm from black donor



Couple was lesbian. Who can defend this?


I notice how her being a lesbian didn’t make it into the news headline. Where’s Al Sharpton to protest the racism of this?


If it was a mistake, I don’t think it was racism.
Only way this could even be considered racism is if the clerk gave her the wrong sperm because she wanted to “punish/humiliate” her.


I think it wasn’t mentioned about them being a lesbian couple because, sadly, society has become very accepting of this now.

What I also find very sad is that, this is going to send the wrong message to that very beautiful child when she grows up and discovers these headlines of how her mother was suing over the colour of her skin.

Honestly I think the mother is suing just because she can, and for the money. Not really to teach the sperm bank a lesson.


In nature, a woman would know who she is being intimate with. It’s one of the drawbacks to being so removed from the process. Wasn’t there a comedy about something like this, that there was a mix up in a sperm bank, something similar to this? I didn’t see it, but here it is.

There are a lot of cons to articial insemination especially from a stranger. There are occasionally mistakes. Then too, you can accidentally have incest, since the people don’t know who the father is. He’s…#380 or whatever.

Also, sometimes, the same donor can impregnant bunches of women in an area, easier than he could in the natural way. It greatly increases the risk of incest, since often none of these knows who the father is. I believe it’s usually withheld.

This system has just so many flaws, too many.

Where’s the father? Who knows where?

In this case, there is, in a sense, no father. He’s literally just a number.

In the old fashioned way of bringing children forth, the idea is to have love with it. Sometimes, it goes awry in cases of rape, but generally, the child generally at least starts life with some kind of father and mother, but now, we have artificial insemination, lesbian parents.

Now, there’s this mix up, and the child is news, apparently, not wanted due to the race. What a way to start a life.


I’m confused, why does this couple being a lesbian couple matter? The Church’s teachings on artificial insemination are pretty clear and don’t really have that much to do with the Church’s teachings concerning homosexual acts.


This is really shameful. I think they should be happy to have a healthy, beautiful child. Also, if a town is accepting of their relationship, I seriously doubt they would make an issue of an interracial child.


Regretfully this is what happens when people feel they can circumvent nature and “choose” everything about their child from a list of donors. Maybe the child would have “chosen” a mom and and not a homosexual couple either as parents, I wonder if they ever thought of that.




So now the child is brought into the world having two mommies, but also learning that they did really want her, but some one else.

I pray for the child and that she’ll over come the damage they’re doing to her.

People have to learn that having children isn’t like buying a puppy for the purpose of serving their own emotional needs.



It makes me with they would give her up for adoption so a couple who would love her, as she is, would have her.


People have to learn that having children isn’t like buying a puppy for the purpose of serving their own emotional needs.

This comment should be framed. :thumbsup:



I agree. Seems some people go into having a child with the idea of selfishness instead of giving. This seems one example of that.

Although, even with animals, it’s a huge commitment. One shouldn’t even adopt a puppy or kitten unless one’s really thought it out fully about willing to commit to it.

Naturally, with people, the commitment is all the greater, but either way, it is, or should be a kind of commitment.




The Catholic Church is out of the adoption business now.

This is all according to the secular values of the day.


The Catholic Church can’t afford the future lawsuits. Can you imagine the damage being done to children being adopted into unfit homes, for the sake of being politically correct? The pedophile priest scandal would pale in comparison.

On the other hand, when all the secular adoption agencies go down in the righteous flames of all those angry, damaged children, in about 18 years or so, the Catholic Church will be the only organization left standing. :smiley:


I agree it is sad if this child grows up and finds this out,BUT I can understand why a woman would feel this way,if she wanted the child to be the same as her,as in race,and not have to deal with issues involved in raising a mixed race child.It shouldn’t matter but unfortunately it does.



This is hilarious! Poor lady will have a darker baby than what she desired.




Here in Massachusetts, the AG, who is a Catholic and supports abortion, who is now running for Governor, brought a lawsuit against Catholic Charities because they would not place children up for adoption, with gay couples.

Rather than use financial resources to fight it, they compromised with the AG in that they would get out of the adoption agency business and she dropped the lawsuit.

So now kids, can end up with two days or two moms and it only matters on who has the most money to hire the best adoption agency.



I wonder if she had been inseminated with Number 381 - say a white donor - would she have realised she’d been given the wrong ‘father’. (sarcasm)

Total insanity and no doubt the tip of the iceberg.

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