"White" or officious lies


I have spent time trying to come up with a way to request to have a set schedule at my job. It is a reasonable request, and it would not involve any hardship on my employer’s part to allow me to have the same two days off per week. However, the person who handles scheduling is very difficult and extremely reluctant to make changes. I am not in a management role, and I earn an hourly wage, so I do not feel as though I should be held to the same idea of not having a set schedule. Essentially, I sacrifice my free time to work there, with zero opportunity for advancement or a raise. But I do maintain a positive, pleasant attitude and work very hard. If the scheduling manager were open to an honest request for the two days off, I would ask her. I am not treated with respect, acknowledged for my hard work, etc.

I texted the scheduling person that I will have a scheduling conflict that will make me unavailable on the two days I want off but cannot ask to have off. This is not the truth. I do not like lying. At all. I have approached her with the truth in other ways before, and have been denied. I want to be able to enjoy my life and not live strictly for this small job. I am searching quietly for a new, professional position. But in the meantime, I told her something untrue in order to receive something that is understandable and reasonable, that will not negatively impact my employer or any of my coworkers.


Wow, that’s an awful situation. Most employers will at least “attempt” to work with a long time employee.
I do think you’re going to be disappointed though. You texted her. :confused:
Texting instead of walking up to her and just asking, looking her right in the eye, appears awkward, and like you expect a no. I’m guessing it will be another “no”.
Hoping you can find something flexible soon.


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