White Privilege the New Original Sin

White Privilege is the new original sin. If you are white, you’re are born with it. But with white privilege, unlike original sin, there is no way to be cleansed of it.

Are you trying to sell this idea, or have you bought into this idea?


Now you know how people of colour have been feeling maybe its due.


It amazes me how whites are the global minority but somehow they’re the creators of all suffering.


Keep stirring up that animosity. It’ll surely end well.


It is best to not even focus on it, so much of racism is simply (certain and specific) white peoples problem. If they stopped it, then things would be better. There are more important things to focus on than other people’s hangups and issues.

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There is strong evidence that the criminal justice system is explicitly or implicitly biased against people of color.

Just like society is biased based on people’s attractiveness or height. Civilization hasn’t yet reached a stage of development to talk about those things on a large scale, but we are developed enough to talk about race and class.

When a person enjoys something because of an unearned innate characteristic, we can logically call that a privilege. It has nothing to do with guilt. It’s just a fact of life.


If you think that white privilege is defined this way, I encourage you to study it more.

It isn’t something that is “wrong” with being white. It isn’t something that a white person needs to be cleansed of. It isn’t a sin on the part of white people.

But it is a way of being in the US, and other places, that those of us who are white need to be aware of, and to the extent possible leverage for the benefit of those who don’t have it.

Yes our country and its laws were set up for the benefit of white people, and in many cases specifically to the detriment of colored people, and continue to benefit us. The Monroe Doctrine, Manifest Destiny, slavery, forced migration of the indigenous people, Jim Crow laws, Plessy v Ferguson, discriminatory housing laws, voting laws, education laws, centuries of violence against people of color. And let’s not even get into European colonization of other countries— Belgian Congo anyone?

Yes, being white in the US has had its privileges and continues to have privilege.

I’m not assumed to be a criminal, I’m not assumed to be doing something wrong, when I’m driving, playing with my family in the hotel swimming pool, cashing a check, jogging in the park, having a picnic in the park, standing in my own yard— ALL things black people have had the police called on them for.

We have the privilege of going through life without interference or worry. We need to use that for good, not whine about it.


Once again, this is yet another reason why it’s getting harder to harder to identify as a democrat. And I voted for Obama twice.


You need to study history other than US. Believe me, people of all races spent thousands of years causing suffering for others of their own race. The world is not brown people good, white people bad.


I know, I was being facetious.


Oops, sorry :flushed:

Sigh… it’s so hard to tell nowadays :woozy_face:


No worries mate

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Used correctly, “White Privlidge” just refers to the fact that in countries where Caucasians are the majority skin color isn’t the cause of mistreatment. We (as I am white too) are less likely to be denied a job at an interview because the interviewer got a “bad vibe” from us, or because our name sounds “too hood”, and we’re less likely to get pulled over for no reason.
It’s not something to be ashamed of, just cognizant of.


My family was run out of our homeland because “whites didn’t belong in Africa”


Racism isn’t about a specific color. It’s about a power imbalance between a majority and a minority. In the US it’s whites that have been the majority ever since it’s establishment.

South Africa has had its own issues of racism. The power belonged to a minority against the majority color. Apartheid was a horrid system and is hopefully gone for good.

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It’s all about culture. Honor culture, dignity culture, and now there’s victimhood culture.

And Zimbabwe has had its own particular history with British colonialism. You shouldn’t project your country’s issues onto the US when reading about our problems with racism. As Ike has already succinctly listed the “high points” of racist policies and practices here, I shall not be redundant. She is correct that white privilege is not assumed guilt, it is recognition of the fact that white people can usually about their day with the general feeling of being safe from being randomly accosted by strangers or police for imaginary crimes based solely upon their skin tone. Among other examples of inequity.

Disclaimer: I am white.

I’m a person of color, & I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about - & I’m married to a Shite man.

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New original sin based on what?

Original sin affects ALL people.

You assume such a privilege exists. How does that fair when a poor White has to hunt to put food on the table, gets beat up by minorities in school because he’s White, & falls for a woman of color?

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