White teacher wins $350,000 in Prince George’s schools bias lawsuit


From the Washington Post:

A former Prince George’s County teacher won a $350,000 jury award after accusing the school system of discriminating against him because he is white.

Jon Everhart alleged in his lawsuit against the Prince George’s County school board that a black principal forced him out of his job because of his race.

“Justice was served,” Everhart said. “I do feel as though I have been vindicated.”

Everhart, 65, speaking by phone from Ohio after the verdict in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, said he faced years of racial harassment from the Largo High School principal, who he said repeatedly told staffers and students that she planned to fire him.

“She called me ‘poor white trash’ and ‘white b----,’ ” Everhart said of the principal, Angelique Simpson-Marcus, who leads the 1,100-student school in Upper Marlboro. “Her behavior was so outlandish.”

Being a long-term resident of Prince George’s County, Maryland, I can assure you that this kind of thing NEVER happens. There is no racism in PG County, particularly from the black majority to the white minority.

The jury must have been rigged, because I refuse to believe that a black principal would ever say such a thing to a white teacher. :shrug:


I don’t know if you are being sarcastic or not:confused:


This was a good decision. I hope that the principal was fired and lost her teaching license.

I am curious to see the tone of posters on this story to see if it will match reactions to racism practiced against African Americans. Interesting that there were some, not I mind you, who would even question the reasoning behind posting a story regarding racism practiced in 2014.

I would certainly expect consistency.

Again- shame on this principal and her foul behavior.


Would you say that this example is evidence of systematic racism against whites? Or would you say that it is difficult to generalize from one newspaper story?


I’m so used to seeing huge settlement numbers that I had to read the headline twice to make sure it really was only in the thousands.

Good for the teacher fighting back instead of just taking the abuse. Sometimes laws really do work as intended.


Sarcasm? No, not at all. I could picture something like that happening in Baltimore City, but I find it hard to believe in PG County.


I would argue that teachers unions probably didn’t help this guy much because they can allow racism to persist. The main way is through reducing the competitiveness of the labor market. In a competitive labor market racism will not be able to persist. For example, suppose we have blue workers and orange workers and some blue business owners don’t like orange workers and decide not to hire them even though they are as productive as blue workers. The racism is such that the blue workers get paid $20 an hour and the orange workers get paid $15 an hour for the same productivity and same job. The nonracist blue owners would then find orange workers a bargain and bid them away from the racist firms and the salaries will eventually equalize. The problem with labor unions is that the reduce labor mobility and that allows racist behavior to persist.


Why not. I have seen it done, and my brother was a victim of it at a school he worked at. Bigotry crosses all racial groups. Whites are not the only ones that can act in such a manner. People need to wake up a bit.

I had a friend who could not get into medical school “back in the day” because he was male and white. He tried for 10 years…straight A student, but he could not get in. My father witnessed it at his place of work, my sister has. Believe me “reverse discrimination” is alive and well in this country…everywhere.

I am against all of it. But believing it does not exist where you live is a good way to ensure it’s practice.


I have not [yet] applied to medical school, but if you have decent grades and MCAT score today, you will get in somewhere as long as you cast your net wide (20-30 schools is a perfect range with something like a 90% chance of getting in with this number).

Of course, back in the day, from what I understand, AA was a much more fashionable thing to do for educational institutions.

Note: nobody be mad, I didn’t make any qualitative judgements about AA.


As a fellow Maryland-er I have to disagree. I’ve seen stuff like this happen in the county.


I’m more confused by what your position is. None of us here are hard left. Personally, my world view is radically individualistic. All I’ve ever said is that it is wacky to suggest that there is a black power structure that controls the United States as a whole, oppressing the largest racial plurality in that country, especially when that racial plurality dominates at every level of government and commerce in said country, and ~50 years ago was systematically oppressing those who supposedly rule over them now.

So what position is it that you’re rebelling so hard against?

IMO, when there’s a thread about a black man who became the victim of a racist boss, for example, it is not appropriate to divert discussion of the topic with “But Obama is the biggest racist of them all!” That has happened far too often around here and it gives one cause to wonder. But since you raised the issue of white oppression here again, I have provided my response.


Well, some people post stories about racism to stir things up and create a larger issue than really exists. There will always be instances of racism - whether black on white or vice versa, or some other race against another. It is human nature. Of course it needs to be dealt with appropriately - and this case suggests that our system is doing so.



Baltimore County?

I don’t really know that much about Baltimore County.

The only issue I have in PG is that people are so darned left-wing around here (so I have to keep my conservatism a little in check). But that has nothing to do with race.


Ugh, tell me about it. Same here in Baltimore county.


Why is this decision good?

Was the principal’s behavior unacceptable? Yes.

Should the principal be fired and lose her teaching license? Yes.

But why should the teacher get $350,000? Do you know who has to pay that $350,000?


Gee I wonder who would do that?:slight_smile:


You could also apply this analogy to equal pay for equal work laws. Milton Friedman used a similar analogy to explain why equal pay for equal work laws actually allow sexism in the labor market to persist. There is a good video of him talking about this on Youtube during one of his lectures in the 1980’s. I’ll have to find it.


I think you need to look at my posting history :slight_smile:


If something such as this happened, it would not because of Prince George County, but because of an individual person who is the principal at one of its schools.

Apparently she has engendered a large number of discrimination lawsuits. Here is an article from three years ago:
Pr. George’s school board faces flood of discrimination lawsuits**

A light-skinned science teacher in Prince George’s County says he didn’t get promoted because his supervisor prefers dark-skinned teachers. An African immigrant in the information technology department says he has been mocked by African Americans.

And there are two teachers who say a young black principal forced them out because they are in their 60s and white.


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