White wine????


My son had a baseball tournament on the East side of the mountains this past weekend. We managed to attend Mass on Saturday evening. To my surprise I could not believe that he was using white wine to consecrate as the Precious Blood. (Let alone that the tabernacle is moved off to the side and the priests chair is in the center behind the altar.)

After Mass, after everyone was just about gone and I was still waiting for my husband and son, I couldn’t help but ask Father a couple of questions. One of which was, “…in my 31 years of receiving communion, I have never seen white wine used in the consecration. Why?” Father explained to me that the lay people have such a difficult time to try and clean the linens that they use white wine because it is easier.

Is this acceptable?


Dear Gail,

Yes, it’s fine to use white wine, as long as it is pure and from grapes. I’m not a wine-smith but I suppose it just depends on the color of grapes and one color is as valid and licit as another. You’re right, though, it is more often blood red…or as near that as possible, for good reason.


Thank you for the Clarification.

God Bless,


When I was an altar boy many years ago, white wine was as common as red. We used to try to guess who the priest was for a given Mass based on the type of wine.


Recently, I attended mass at my archdiocese cathedral, and they used white wine. If white wine wasn’t okay to use, I would guess guess they wouldn’t use it.


[quote=Br. Dan, OCD]You’re right, though, it is more often blood red…or as near that as possible, for good reason.

With white wine it is easier to spot when a Eucharistic miracle has occurred



Dear Gail,
I’m on the eastside, Diocese of Yakima. Where was the tournament? I have had white wine, I think at St Paul Cathedral they have it, in Yakima. I’m near Cle Elum but go there occasionally.


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