Whites only?


If Jesus’ message was to the whole world, why are there only white Popes? Why haven’t Catholics elected a non-white Pope?


I don’t see why that matters?

Is there a point to your question?


The very first pope was an olive-skinned Middle Eastern Semite.

Since the early days, though, Catholicism has been a primarily European (and hence Caucasian) religion.


There were a few early popes from North Africa, African popes.

The bishop of Rome (the Pope) is elected by the clergy (Cardinals) of Rome and they usually elect someone from among their own number. The clergy of Rome usually come from the ranks of the faithful of Rome, who are mostly white. So, the chances of a white Pope are very high.


BTW, just give it some time…Isn’t there a great black Cardinal in Africa right now? I seem to recall hearing him speak on TV and was pretty impressed.


So it has been 1500 years? Still seems racist. Why are non-whites not good enough to be Pope for over 1000 years?


Is it racist that most bishops of black Africa are black and most bishops of China are Chinese? I don’t thinks so. It just shows that the Catholic Church likes to appoint native bishops. So, how is it racist that most of the native bishops of Rome have been white when Rome is mostly white? The bishop of Rome has been the Pope since St. Peter (the first Pope) went to Rome and died there. If St. Peter had gone to black Africa and died there, most of the Popes, St. Peter’s successors, would probably have been black.

As more and more non-Italians are raised to the rank of Cardinal (those who elect the bishop of Rome) the chances are becoming greater that non-whites will be elected Pope in the near future. As another poster has mentioned, the black African Cardinal Arinze was among the top contenders in the recent papal election after Pope John Paul II died.


Whoever said that?

You? I don’t recall any of us ever making such a statement.

What’s your point?

“Still seems racist”?

Still seems like your usual anti-Catholic agenda posting to me.

Are you black? No…why has there been no blacks married into your family over the course of their history?

Are you racist? Were your family members?

Why are non-whites not good enough to be part of your family for over 1000 years?

This is the same so-called logic that your post seems to use.

Still seems anti-Catholic.


Most of my family is not white. We can all see your agenda.


If the Catholic Church is the universal church, why don’t the Popes look like all of humanity? What else is it other than racism?


You know what, you are clearly a racist to say what you did about my family. You should admit you are scum for implying lies about my family. Will you admit you are scum? Will you apologize? I doubt it.


It actually happens that almost **all **Popes in the past **500 **hears were Italian. The only exceptions are Benedict XVI (Germany), John Paul II (Poland), Adrian VI (Holy Roman Empire, now Netherlands). Now, where is Rome/Vatican?

Do you see a pattern here? Do you still think it’s racist?

If no then you should stop complaining that there are no black popes but that there there are no Irish Popes. After all there were black Popes in the past but no one from Ireland! :eek: Does the Church hate Irish people? :wink:



Further, you should be banned for your racist comments. If this website cares about equality you will be banned. Does this website care about equity?


scratches his head


That just makes them more prejudiced. Only Italians? Sounds like they are not about equity. You should be ashamed for defending them.


Well .lets move on this same trail…in the ACLU how many right wing orthodox Catholics are on the governing board…after all they desire only justice for all? Oprah opens up a school for only Black kids in south africa…no white kids allowed…it seems she says the white kids…some only 5 years old…have for centuries been part of a bigoted policy…makes sense right? Pope PiusX11 appointed African Cardinals to the college of back in 1939…he did the best he could…and I frankly wanted Cardinal Arinz to be the next Pope but I dont have a vote over there…there has never been a Catholic president of the United States…one who is Catholic in morals,faith and values…and so it goes…is Roger Maris home record really broken …not in my book is it!..all the best…a great site.NIno


For what?

I merely applied the very same fallacious logic to your family, (which I have no doubt that you hold as dear as I do my Catholic faith!). If you find it offensive, then perhaps you should reconsider applying it to the Catholic faith.

Again, are you black?
Do you have black ancestors, and if not why not?
Does that mean that you or your family are racists?

Yeah… I’ve held off posting on your threads until now, but I have read them and there’s a definite agenda being driven in them.
So… You wanna pursue this line of logic?

If you can’t see the error in it then you are not as smart as you pretend to be…or is there some other reason for your threads?:shrug:

I have not done anything to merit your ad hominems and I think you probably owe me an apology now.

Will you apologize? I doubt it.



Wow. A racist name.


Oh yes, definatelly! The Cathololic Church hates Irish! And what about Czechs? Oh, no Czech popes! I’m leaving the Church! I just can’t cope with the fact that most Bishops of Rome are Italian! :smiley:

But it’s not only the Latin Rite! The Melkanite Patriarchs just happen to Arabic! I think they are poisoned by Bin Laden! :eek:

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