Whitewash Blankets Homosexual Disease Report


Whitewash Blankets Homosexual Disease Report
By: J. Matt Barber, For The Bulletin

You can’t help but feel a little sorry for Amanda Beck. She’s a reporter from Reuters who was among the first to cover a new study conducted by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, which warns about an outbreak of a virulent, drug-resistant, and potentially deadly strain of Staph infection afflicting certain segments of the homosexual community.

Although outbreaks of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, have primarily been confined to hospitals in the past, the study determined that, due to “high risk behaviors” beyond hospital walls - such as “anal sex” - men who have sex with men are now 13 times more likely to contract the infection.

Because this particular strain can be transmitted through “skin-to-skin contact,” researchers fear the outbreak “has the potential for rapid, nationwide dissemination” and will spread to “the general population**.” Once it does, they say it will be “unstoppable.”**



WOW…scary!!! Quote taken from the article.

“So finally, I ask this question, and it’s a troubling one indeed: What can one say about the character of organized political activists and mainstream journalists who would intentionally place a deceptive political agenda above the health and well-being of Americans, including members of their own community? Who would choose to deliberately quash valuable medical information that might save lives simply because it creates a setback to narrow political ambitions?”

Seems like this question could be asked about a lot of what goes on when it comes to our health!


Seems like this question could be asked about a lot of what goes on when it comes to our health!

Take those dreadful Gardesil “One Less” ads for instance. (I believe that proper grammar would be “One fewer” btw) At no point do these ads mention that HPV is an STD.


I noticed that, as well.


It always struck me as odd that before the invention of this vaccine most people did not know that that many forms of cervical cancer were caused by HPV or that it wasn’t stopped by a condom. No one is asking the medical communtiy why safe sex was pushed as well, safe without any disclaimers.


About three years back I remember a study on children in day care that said something negative-can’t remember what. I recall clearly listening to a woman on Fox get very angry that this study was hurting working mothers’ feelings and should not have been carried out. Perhaps such thinking leads journalists to downplay anything that could hurt the sensitivities of certain groups.:frowning:


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