Whither "Catholic Under the Hood" podcast?

Does anyone have any information about the current status of “Catholic Under the Hood”? It was one of my favorite podcasts, but Fr. Beshoner hasn’t released a new episode in a few months.

Its not a podcast I have ever followed, but it seems the last was released on Oct. 23rd, and he hasn’t tweeted since Oct 19th.

October 23 looks like the last Today in Catholic History post on his blog, but I believe the last podcast was September 12, about hymns in the early Church.

It’s not easily found on the website, but here is a link:

I am curious about this too. It’s one of my favorite podcasts.

It’s back! The July 2 podcast was the first one after the hiatus, and it has apparently been once a week like clockwork ever since.

All he said about the missing months was that he was a bit overwhelmed with the work of transitioning back to Steubenville from Austria, as well some personal matters he had to deal with. Fr Beshoner clearly felt a bit sheepish over the gap and his failure to keep his fans updated. I just finished listening to the new podcasts, and he’s in top form as always.

Unmentioned was anything about the multi-episode discussion of Vatican II, which he promised was finally ready in his last podcast before the hiatus. My idle speculation would be that some material was controversial with his superiors at either the university or his order. Fr Beshoner has always emphasized his obedience to authority, so he would surely have complied with any request from a superior to kill the podcasts. At the same time, it would have been tremendously frustrating to have all that work wasted, and be faced with a multi-week programming gap that he really didn’t have time to fill. With the other weighty matters he had to deal with at the time, this last straw may have completely sapped any energy he had to keep up the podcast.

It’s only natural for a history fan like me to create a narrative of events from only a few known facts, but Fr Beshoner for his own reasons has chosen not to explain the disappearance of the episodes. For now all we know is the hiatus is over, and the intriguing podcasts on Catholic history are once again coming every week. Good enough for me.

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