Who Actually Built The Kaaba?

Islamic teachings say that Abraham built the Kaaba with his son. Does the Kaaba actually have anything to do with Abraham or was that just another thing Muhammad made up?

Before Muhammad took over Mecca, the Kaaba was a polytheistic shrine. It could have been dedicated to a “high god”. I doubt we could prove whether Abraham had any connection to it. That would have to be a matter of faith.

The Kaaba was a place of pilgrimage and worship for polytheistic Arabs. History has it that it contained the idols of 360 gods, representing the days of the year. When Islam took root the shrine was rededicated and the idols removed, however, Islam eventually re-adopted many religious practices of ancient Arabs, including the act of circumnavigating the Kaaba.

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It is not actually known who first built Kaaba but Kaaba could had been built by Adam. Abraham and his son Ishmael rebuilt (peace be upon them).

Made up!!! I think that is some other’s job who knows made up very well. Qur’an is directly words(revelation) of God. Some follows made up doctrines!!!

Oh man, how do I say this nicely without getting banned… I’m sorry but the Quran is not divine revelation.


I don’t think saying that politely is a reason for banning anyone. The forum is after all Catholic ultimately and Catholicism does not hold the Q’uran is divine revelation. At best you could say it contains work from previous scriptures that Is considered divinely revealed, but the Q’uran also combines that with a lot of local folk tales and plainly borrows from scriptures at numerous points and recasts them in a different way.

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Not all subscribe to the paradigm that the Q’uran is direct revelation from God. Been able to entertain the view that all view your own religion as the correct one is something that seems lacking in the Muslim world. That’s partly due of course to such critiques been forbidden in many places.

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That is your thought I respect. You have not to belive but also you do not insult that is good. I advise you to search Qur’an deeply. You will se that Qur’an just can be the words of creator of everything.

Saying it is not divine revelation is not automatically an insult. Also, this ‘do not insult that which is good’ can be backed up by legal sanctions in many Muslim majority states where textual critiques of the Q’uran are expressly forbidden. We fortunately don’t live in such states for the most part on the forum and the book doesn’t stand up well to rigorous examination. It plainly shows itself to be a book that borrows heavily from various sources. The description of Christ’s nativity is very close to one of the apocryphal Gospels for example.


quote from Kovaska(10) : "that just another thing Muhammad made up?

Is that not an insult?

3- Nor does he speak from [his own] inclination
4- It is not but a revelation revealed An-Najm(53)

Qur’an contains some same issues and topics with previous scriptures. Qur’an resuming subjects of previous revelations does not point that Muhammad had taken from them but shows that God revealed. Because Muhammad could not read or write and had never educated by any one. After first revelation Muhammad was taken to a monk to learn about revelation from God. That monk approved that were a new revelation.

If you notice Qur’an you will see that Qur’an is direct speech from God to people. In Qur’an Muhammad (or original writer or source of speech) ) do not say God sait that … But instead God Himself speaks as God of people and creator of everything and owner of all states and universe and judgement day and … If it were quotations from previous scriptures it would not be by that way. And if Muhammad had writen such thing by Himself again it would not be by this way. We can understand the difference. How much a human could be clever but nobody could do such thing.

Qur’an summarize the previous scriptures and that point that the speaker in Qur’an knows everything detailed.

Qur’an contains all sciences just like history, geography, psychology, astronomy, economy, sociology etc. A human could not know all those.

People around Muhammad were witness of revelation so they believed and were tortured and expeled from their country but they never quitclaim. They saw the facts from Muhammad so they could die for Him.

There are many things to say…

So if someone say Muhammad “made up” but that make Muslims angry. And if we believe Qur’an is direct words of God so how could we critique?

For doctrines I used “made up” . Perhaps it is not true to say such thing but doctrines are not revelation from God because people establihed such dogmas through strained interpretations from Bible. Writers of Gospels wrote what they saw and hear from Jesus. That is not direct revelation. And there are many interpretations in both passages of OT and NT. So Muslims say they were corrupted. Muslims do not rejects previous scriptures but people added many interpretation in text of revelation. As revelation Qur’an and previous scriptures are equal but Qur’an is high to be pure revelation.

I dont think anyone knows. From a pressuposition that Islam is not true there is not much evidence for Abraham bulding it and it would probably be concidered a pagan construction, however I dont think that this could be an argument against Islam since its more of a conclusion based that assumes that the Quran is not necesserily true and its an uncertain conclusion based on what probably happened since no strong evidence points to anything in particular.

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It is hardly accurate at all times with regards to those topics.


Let’s not forgot that many churches, were built on former sacred locations.

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This is your opinion as a member of Mohammad’s faith, and you are welcome to it.

To Catholics, it is a book filled with blasphemies and untruths. Whatever beauty and Truth is found in it is there in spite of Mohammad, not because of him.

As to this claim, I doubt Abraham had anything to do with it, given the site’s history. Still, it is not entirely impossible, so it is not something we can say definitively. As said by others, it is a matter of faith. You believe that it was by Abraham because Mohammad supposedly said so. That same endorsement is strong evidence to me that it was not build by Abraham.

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Sorry, I don’t buy that. Muhammad was the son of a wealthy businessman and his father would have most assuredly made sure he was educated. It was quite popular to have religious leaders appear uneducated to enhance the claim of divine revelation. Gee, how could this poor uneducated man know these things! Umm, because he wasn’t uneducated.


It was built by pagan Arabs.


I respect what Muslims believe about it as everyone should respect all religions. However, I do not take back my statement of Muhammad making stuff up. Catholic and all Christian doctrine teaches that the Qur’an is an invalid book that directly contradicts the bible (Old Testament and New Testament) as it denies the resurrection which was the entire point of Jesus coming to Earth.

Also the Qur’an and the teachings of the Muslim religion were created and started in Arabia, a polytheistic region with barely any Christians or Jews. Christianity built off Judaism from a Jew (Jesus) from the city of (Jewish City) Nazareth and Christianity accepts the Jewish teachings along with the Christian ones.

Islam built off Muhammad, a polytheist in Arabia who turned into a monotheist. Islam has a morphed combination of Judaic teachings (Ishmael instead of Issac) and Christian teachings (Believe that Jesus is alive, but Muslims believe Jesus never died)

It’s easy for all Muslims to say that the Qur’an is accurate because all they need to do is just say to themselves “It’s the Direct words of God” and that’s the only argument they need to convince themselves. The bible and it’s scriptures were written by the followers of Jesus with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and it is extremely more accurate than the Qur’an because it was peer reviewed and if there was anything inaccurate, it would be removed by other followers. Of course Muhammad is going to make it easy and just say the Qur’an is the direct word of God so no argument will ever convince a Muslim.

I think that “Allah” would have revealed himself to at least someone peaceful. Medina and Mecca went to war and Muhammad encouraged and led that. Jesus was against Israel going to war with the Roman empire and taught that only through love and mercy will people see the true God. What do you expect to happen when some guy from Arabia that nobody has heard of storms into towns with weapons telling Christians and Jews that the Qur’an is the new teaching.

Christianity first spread through the world by peaceful means over the span of hundreds of years. Islam first spread through the world through war and then heavy taxation on non-muslims so they’d convert. The real God is with the religion that was first spread by thousands of followers being killed because they chose peace and mercy, not the religion that first spread through violence and hostile takeover.


Plenty of Christians in Arabia before Islam it should be noted.


It’s worth noting that Mohammad’s uncle was an Arian monk and that Islam is a synthesis of various Christian heresies.

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