Who agrees that shows like South Park and Family Guy need to be taken off the air

I agree with me, and these shows are watched by 13 year olds! These shows are garbage, there terrible, and offensive, espeshally South Park, never let your kids watch it, in fact, you probably shouldn’t watch it either, it’s that bad, I’ve never seen it, but even the plot summarys sound terrible, thanks to South Park, kids at my school use Jew as an insult. I talk about that here. Terrible, terrible shows. any others you guys think should be taken off the air?

I definently too. Those shows are pure satanic, especially south park.

It is ashame that shows today need too much sex,violence and foul language in order to be profitable .I am very old fashioned I adore the 50’s sitcoms and early 60’s they were good and never need to worry about the content .

Quit whining and do something about it if you hate it so much. Pray for all involved and tell the adviertisers you won’t support them if they support the shows. Whining will do nothing.

Aw, comon. I’m just ranting about it, I don’t watch them anyway.

I agree, people didn’t try to push the censors as far as they could without getting fired.

I do not watch Family Guy so I can not comment on that one. But I disagree about South Park. South Park may be crude at times, but if you watch the show it always has a good message at the end. I have watched it and often used it in Youth Ministry and in my classroom as a high school teacher. I talk about the episode and focus in on the message that was in it. The kids see the messages, we just do not often give them the credit for seeing it.

Some episodes have an anti-Catholic bias to them, plus I heard of some jokes that sound sacreligious or blasphemous.

I have yet to find a tv show that had a positive message of the faith .Other tv shows that are friendly is Little House on the Prairie and the Waltons .

In these instances, self-censorship works best. If you don’t approve of the shows, then don’t watch them, and don’t let your children watch them either.

South Park is great. Not only is it funny, it’s great satire. Did anyone see what they did to NAMBLA? Nobody has skewered them like South Park did.

I’d suggest changing channels for those who don’t like it. The rest of us have the same option and we can exercise it without any help if we choose.

Self censorship means telling your kids not to watch it and why. Then they should pass that on to their kids. And so on. Honor thy father and mother. Don’t let the media raise or pervert your kids.


Then you can’t really comment on it! I used to think it was bad, too, UNTIL I WATCHED IT. SP is actually very good. It uses satire, but delivers a good message usually. FG is also satire. We enjoy it.

FG makes fun of EVERYBODY and EVERYONE. They play no favorites. We enjoy it.

No teenage male will watch these shows (if you can even find them on TV anymore).

Exactly. No one is making you watch them! If you don’t like them, turn the channel.

You can certainly raise your kids how you want. But you can’t tell your kids how to raise their kids! My inlaws do not like FG. They do not watch it. We happen to like it. We watch it. Our kids (14-17 YO) watch it. If my inlaws told me to not allow my kids to watch it, I would ignore them. They are MY kids to see fit as I want to!

I have never had the misfortune of watching Family Guy, but I have seen an episode or two of SP, and the world wouldn’t miss these shows if they were removed from the air. I think that is the case with probably 90% or so of tv, however! :o

But I have seen Family Guy, it is crude, and some episodes are offensive.

Yes, some are. Some aren’t. We enjoy it. :wink: We like the sarcasm. We don’t take it seriously, and it is good for a laugh or 2.

My point was you can’t really comment on SP, since you have not seen it. :slight_smile:

Just as those who have never read a Harry Potter book cannot tell others how bad they are and not to read them! :rolleyes:

I can’t say much about South Park since I am guilty of watching it from time to time.

I never really cared for Family Guy though so I don’t watch it at all anymore.

I don’t allow my 7 year old to watch either show.

In a decent and moral society, shows like these would never even make it to the planning stages.

I used to laugh at some of the things on both South Park and Family Guy. I can no longer do so.

Well, I presume your remote control takes cae of the problem?

The problem is not us watching, the problem is that shows like this even exist.

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