Who are Jesus' followers?

Who are Jesus’ followers?
Those who follow Jesus in the way they live. By His example and words Jesus taught us what His life is all about. He taught us to go out of our way and give of our self completely to love and serve others, including, those who hurt and offend us. He showed us to (Luke 6:27-35) love our enemies, do good deeds to those who hate us, bless those who curse us, and pray for those who mistreat us. If anyone slaps us on one cheek, we must let him hit the other one too. We must lend expecting nothing back. We must give to everyone who asks for something. Even when there is unfaithfulness (Hosea 3:1) we must not divorce our spouse (Mark 10:11-12) and be merciful, just as our Father is merciful (Luke 6: 35-36). If someone takes us to court to sue us for our shirt, we must let him have our coat as well. We must walk an additional mile if the occupation forces ask us to carry their pack for one mile (Matt 5; 39-41).

Yes the Jesus followers are the ones who serve Jesus with their life. They are the ones that live.

I once heard Mother Angelica (EWTN) say… that a "saint <aka Jesus’ followers> is someone who keeps on trying.

In other words, even though we fall down… in sin. We do not become discouraged but keep repenting and we keep TRYING to lead our lives, according to the teachings of Our Lord, Jesus.

I don’t know if this answers the question. But I hope it helps.

God bless.

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