Who are Prophets and who are not in the Western tradition

I have a young Doctor from saudi Arabia working with me 1 day a week-he told me of the 25 Prophets of Islam-excluding Christ Jesus who of the list below could we agree on that are Prophets?

“And We bestowed upon Abraham (offspring) Isaac and Jacob and each of them did We guide to the right way as We had earlier guided Noah to the right way; and (of his descendants We guided) David and Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses and Aaron. Thus do We reward those who do good. (And of his descendants We guided) Zecheriah, John, Jesus and Elias: each one of them was of the righteous.” (Quran 6:84-85).

they also include Adam and Eve --Enoch-Ezra-Lot-Ishmael-Hud-saleh-Jethro-Samuel-Jonah & Elisha

Muhamed of course is the last prophet

The list of Prophets are the same for Eastern and Western Christianity. From the doctor’s list Christians exclude Ishmael, Hud and Saleh.

Lot while respected as an OT figure, is usually not called Prophet.

Jesus is obviously God, not a prophet.

David while prophetic is called King or Psalmist; Solomon called King

Job is called “the Righteous”

Aaron is termed priest or Levite, not prophet.

Muhammad is not considered anything at all, doesn’t exist in Christianity.

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