Who are the enemies of todays Church?


The Catholic Church use to fight against the Freemasons and moderns and the liberals. So who are the enemies of Catholicism today,or is it still the same group?


Secular society is the biggest enemy


We have only one true enemy.


According to comments coming out of the Vatican for the last, say, 10 to 15 years, it is not an identifiable group such as the Masons, but rather widespread attitudes, identified as Consumerism and Secularism.


The relativist and pelagianist modern secular sociaty!


I think we are, If Christ has already declared victory, can we only lose if we quit?


I have a problem with defining “society” as an enemy. It is not an entity that is out to get us; it is the sum total of our collective will.

“Society” is the “world” in the expression “in the world, not of the world”. The enemy is Satan, and he has exerted great influence on society, but that does not make society our enemy.

Society is full of beaten travellers needing aid, people who would strike both cheeks, and people who foolishly run out of lamp oil. It is full of both wise and wicked servants, hypocrites who give nothing, and poor old ladies who give their last two coins. It is full of those who build their houses on sand, but also those who build them on stone.

Faithful Catholics are part of society, but we are not “of” that society.

Again, the enemy is the devil, and he has many minions (i.e., Masons, “liberals”, and “modernists”), but “society” as a whole is not an entity that has a will.



The Church condemns freemasonry…ok…it’s not Christian and its relativistic approach to things make it incompatible with Christianity. I am not convinced that everybody- or even most everybody- who is a mason knows that, or that they are involved in some secret plot to overthrow the Church or whatever. I have known Christians who are involved with the Masons, who are good people and are trying to do what is right. I have family who are/were Masons and they are/were (some of them are dead) good people- if the Masons were as evil as some make them out to be, they would not have been members. Still, many Catholics seem to think Freemasonry is the ultimate moral evil. In the post below, it is listed first. Certain traditionalist groups slander Pope John XXIII by saying he was secretly a Freemason- it is as if that is the worst insult a Catholic can throw at someone. Is it really worse than being pro-choice, or for women’s ordination, or for acceptance of homosexuality, or for any of the other problems that plague the Church today? If they were behind it, maybe I could see it- and who knows…maybe some people really high up in the Masons are behind it…but most masons aren’t- they are husbands, fathers, teachers, doctors, pastors (protestant ones of course), lawyers, salesmen, industrial workers- the average men in society. From knowing how old men are, and that Masons tend to be mostly old men, the lodge meetings aren’t some satanic ritual- they are probably just gatherings of old men eating, drinking, planning charities and other civic services, and telling dirty jokes while they are supposed to be listening to someone speak.

What am I missing here?


Militant atheists and secular progressives.


Maybe those who insult and attempt to defunt the Catholic Church for their own profits (ie. Dan Brown)


Why is it that our church has to have enemies? Why can there not be a time of peace, and more than anything, why can we not accept that other people are different from us?

I’m sure that God has a plan for these people. It is not our place to have unjust prejudices. We are here to see if we are worthy of God’s grace.


It isn’t that the Church has to create enemies – the enemies of the Church are there whether we we choose them or not. Christ told us that “the world” (those that do not accept his kingdom) will hate us, and St. James said “Whosoever will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God” (James 4:4).

I’m sure that God has a plan for these people. It is not our place to have unjust prejudices. We are here to see if we are worthy of God’s grace.

All that is true. But it does not negate the fact that there are those who hate the Church and work against it. Denying or ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.


liberals as usually, Protestant Fundumentalists, communist, liberal Catholics and theologians,


The enemy is the devil, however, in order to deceive, he changes names and tactics frequently. He is a very intelligent being. Just a reminder, as the Bible states, we do not battle against flesh and blood.

Here are a few examples of groups who want to promote atheism:


www.evolvefish.com (check out the buttons)

God bless,


To be honest, I don’t think that we need to worry about people promoting atheism. I believe people come across atheism through false thought. People don’t convert, they just stop believing.

I think the real way for our church to bring people to the truth is to make their thought process bring them to us.


All that sin against God.


Bringing people to the church involves the power of God. Promoting atheism is a concern of the Church and the Body of Christ because it denies the way, the truth and the life, Jesus Christ. Atheist militants are active right now to raise children without God (see Richard Dawkins’ Foundation).

Evangelist Billy Graham wrote that he could only bring the good news of Christ to people, but he could not convert them. That was the job of the Holy Spirit. As Catholics, we should speak the truth to others but the revelation of God comes from God.

God bless,


Isn’t that similar to what I said? We must bring people to our church on their own thought.


To me, too often, the intellectual process is given preference over the spiritual process. We can tell people who Jesus Christ is so they can know it, but it is God Himself who draws them in a spiritual manner. Correct thinking does not always lead to belief. The preaching of the Gospel can.

God bless,


Shouldn’t we be thinking of something positive and happy, like marshmallow chickens, for example?

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